My plextor cant read ps3 games

Hi, I recently downloaded easy backup wizard, when I put my ps3 game in the burner it didn"t read it.
I have a plextor px 820sa. It will read xbox 360 games but not

your using a “DVD” burner. which means it’s DVD NOT Blu-Ray which PS3 discs are, which is Blu-Ray.

also your burner CAN’T read ORIGINAL XBox360 game discs. but i am sure it can read already (properly) burned games. using other drives like the XBox360 DVD-ROM itself or a Kreon drive (which you might be able to find on ebay which goes into your PC)

There is only one unit can [B]read [/B]the Playstation 3 BD-ROM the [B]Lite-ON DH-401S[/B],
this unit have a strange firmware and can “Decript” the PS3 BD-ROM.
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