My Plextor 716UF Keeps Crashing In Windows Exp... Both Firewire and USB Any Ideas?

I am stumped. :confused:
The drive itself works just fine. However it seems to have trouble refreshing. When I have a DVD/CD in there and boot up with it, the title will show just fine in windows exp and it will also play in powerdvd just fine. However if I eject it, put in a new cd, the title will not refresh and if I go to open it in Windows Explorer, explorer will crash and right after that a thing for Dr. Watson comes up saying that has crashed to. It does this with both firewire and usb. I was using firewire before without any problems, and it started acting up. I just plugged in usb and it came up just fine and it said it installed correctly, but even that crashes. There are no conflicts in device manager. I have just recently installed a copy of alcohol 120 and there is a virtual drive mounted but I don’t see why that would matter. Any ideas?

Software issue often caused by multiple burn applications. Has nothing to do with the drive.

USB is buggy. Always use internal IDE if possible.

figured it out, alcohol was causing it to crash for some reason, working fine now