My Plextor 48/24/48A just "died"! :(


Now this is wierd. Everything seems to be ok with this drive except that it doesnt read CD’s anymore… Meaning that its in the Hardware list, in explorer as a device letter, but when I insert a CD, the drive just flash the light and then the light goes off. (It reacts as if I opened the tray and then closed it again with no CD in the tray) If I insert a EMPTY CD’R, the light stays on longer (sometimes) and it seems ok, but there is these sounds as if the drive where seeking the CD… Sign

What can I do? Do I really have to send this drive back to get it replaced?

The worst thing is that this one worked yesterday… I dont get it :frowning:


Sounds like you`ll have to get a replacement, had the same thing happening to me with a Acer drive a while ago…

Damnit… Oh well…