My Plextor 48/24/48A just died, as I was told

I was trying to burn a audio cd using a Verbatim 24x CDRW disc using Nero ( and I kept getting a Power Calibration Error. Then I opened a brand new 24x CDRW disc to see if it was a problem with the current disc, same problem. Then I asked my cousin for his 12x Sony CDRW disc to see if works with different brand media, same problem. Then I asked a friend of mine who works at a computer store and he tells me my burner’s laser wore out or died; I told him it works fine reading disk but he tells me the reading disc laser and writing laser is 2 different lasers and the laser that writes to cd worn out. I was like, I used this drive for less than a year and it died already? I thought Plextor was more reliable than that? I can’t RMA it because I purchased this drive for 6 months before actually installing/using it on my new computer so the 1 year warranty has already passed. Anyone else here have their Plexter writer die with less than a year of use?

Nope, but when I broke the tray in my writer and told them I broke it, they still sorted me out. So why not drop them an email and see if they can help. I think their customer support is really good and thats one reason why I would always buy plextor.

The drive only has one laser. It just runs at different power levels for read, write or erase.

CD-R uses about 4-11 mw (milliwatts) of power to write and about .5 mw to read. RW will generally use an 8-14 mw laser (or higher) to write. Erase uses a lower power level to return the RW to the crystalline state. So your CD-R could function perfectly fine and fail on CD-RW.

lmao2k has some good advice. Call their tech support and see if you can get them to extend the warranty. May not get it, but is worth a try.

I already purchased a Plextor Premium drive, I should have posted here earlier :sad: Thanks for the advice guys I’ll keep it in mind if either my px-708a or plex premium gets KIA.

LOL, gOdisOnyOuRsIDe :wink: The Premium is a fine drive, good choice.

Hi! I have same problem with Plextor Premium. Power Calibration Error on CD-RW’s.
Sometimes it happens with CD-R’s.

Are the drives giving the Power Calibration Error IDE? If so, are they located in the computer or external enclosures? I am asking because I have a Premium and 48/24/48, both IDE. I get the Power Calibration Errors only when the drives are in external enclosures set to MASTER or SLAVE. The external enclosures state the drives must be set to MASTER but setting my Plextor’s to anything other than Cable Select (CSEL) generates the Power Calibration Errors.

All my drives are located internally. I guess I jumped the gun on the Premium drive before running more diagnostics on the 48/24/48A to make sure it’s really dead, but here’s my rig setup

P4C800-E Deluxe

The WD 2x 74gb is on ICH5R as RAID 0.
Hitachi sata 7k250 is connected to the 3rd sata port or Promise
WD 100gb is on the primary ide set as master
Sony 16x DDU1621 is on primary ide as slave
px-708a is on the secondary ide as master
plex premium is on the secondary ide as slave

I don’t think my power calibration error had anything to do with the drives being set as master or slave, although in the plex manual it recommends it’s drives to be set as master. I was using my 48/24/48a drive for a little less than a year before I started getting the power calibration error. When I tried erasing my cdrw disc, the drive kept trying to spin up but fails, after a minute or so I get the power cali error. In the beginning I noticed the drive would take longer than usual to burn a CD-R, and for some weird reason after burning a full 80min audio CD-R the drive would have problems reading it’s own burned disc. The drive would take longer than usual to seek tracks, but when I put in a non-burned audio disc it seeks the tracks fast, as usual. Then after a day or two the drive would fail to spin up and burn regular CD-R’s. I just didn’t expect the drive would fail this early. I’m hoping the plex premium will last longer than my 48/24/48A