My Pioneer DVR 110 is possessed!

Received this thing yesterday, install it and boot up…first thing it does is eject the tray on its own. I go to close it and immediately it opens on its own again and stays open.

Anybody ever heard of something like this and how to fix it?

Yes. The only way to handle this problem is to insert a DVD of the film THE EXORCIST into the offending tray.

I heard someone with this problems, and he solved it flashing with latest firmware.

I don’t know if this can solve, but it’s a try you can do easily.

I dont have the Exorcist DVD :frowning: so thats my drive doomed eh?

Also I can’t flash with firmware since the drive isn’t actually being detected in BIOS.

Check that cables and power supply are plugged correctly. Check also that jumpers are in the correct place (two drives set both as master create conflicts). If you can, try to install the drive on another computer. If you have the same problem, it’s probably a damaged drive.

When I was installing it last night I set it to slave so its on the same setting and ide connection as the old DVD ROM it replaced. I’ll double check anyways and try switching with the other drive so the dvd burner is the master (current master is a LiteOn CDRW) see if that helps.

I suggest to set dvd burner as master.

If you can use also 80 wire cables. They are not indispensable, but don’t hurt at all to have a 80 wire cables.

Actually the drive requires an 80 condutor 40 pin IDE cable, so that it may run in UDMA mode 4.

mauguai, try removing the lite-on drive and rebooting.

Ok will definitely try that out, thanks for the suggestions.


yeah I switched it over to master and unplugged the LiteOn CDRW works like a dream burns DVDs in under 7mins :smiley: thanks for your help!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: