My Pioneer DVD108 thinks it's only a CDRW?

Recently without any connection to any action I can remember my Pioneer DVD108 refuses to recognise blank DVDs as anything other than CDs. If I try to back up photo folders by dragging and dropping it asks for a CD instead of the DVD I insert and the icon even changes to CDRW drive. Even using Nero it tells me it wants a CD. I can still read DVDS OK. Is this a known problem? I have backed up photos before simply by dragging them onto a blank DVD.

A DVD108 is no burner.
That visual change from “CD-RW drive” to “DVD-R drive” or vice versa is ONLY cosmetical…

If you use Nero properly then burning a DVD with a DVD burner is no problem.

sorry its a DVR108. Its burnt lots of disks previously, but not now. The change to CD icon is a new event and it won’t accept blank DVDs