My pioneer BDr-203 problems

when i put a BD-RE 25GB or BDR-DL 50GB in the PIONEER BDR-203 drive, it shown error to me that i cant read it in windows explorer. but in nero express it can be detected and burn sucess, but again, it can’t read after burning…
its could be any setting problems?

Looks to me that you are running XP on your computer, so its just perfectly normal behaviour. You have put BLANK media in your burner and it can be recognized but of course there isno data on the blank media and therefore the explorer cannot show you anything…
I would always use a proper burning app to deal with blank media and to fill them up with data.

“can’t read after burning”, please elaborate!
Maybe you selected TEST BURN…or the disc were not finalized.
Please post a burnlog here.

1-i put in a blank BDR-DL 50GB to the drive,
2-then use nero 10 burning rom, UDF set 2.50
3-drag in the data around 46GB
4-then burn with 4X within 50 mins.
5-after success burning, i can’t read in windows explorer!!!

its any setting i missing? my drive n media work well…

Windows XP doesn’t support UDF 2.5 natively. There is a Toshiba driver that can be installed. It was originally designed for the HD-DVD Xbox drive.

Look on this page:

Click on the link that says [I]UDF 2.5 Reader for Windows XP[/I] That should start the download.

If you have problems installing it, look at this thread for solutions:

ok thanks to kerry56 that help me a lot. but its too weird bcos when i 1st time using tat drive in my windows xp, after burning success, it still can read in windows explorer without any setting, but after that can’t even read in explorer anymore…how come?:frowning:

You did not use UDF 2.50 that first time…

whats the problem will happen if i burn without setting UDF 2.50?

You really only need UDF 2.5 when you are burning blu ray video format (or the obsolete HD-DVD video format). If you are burning data, you can use UDF 1.02, and there should be no issues.

Windows XP supports UDF 1.02 through 2.01.