My pioneer, a DVR-117D external FIREWIRE burner for a MAC PPC w/OS 10.4.11 won't write to DVD+R media or DVD+DL media. It will try to burn it, but the lack of Buffer under-run protection, it fails

1st thing, My pioneer model is NOT in the Product list above, mine is a PIONER DVR-117D external FIREWIRE burner for a MAC PPC G4 w/OS 10.4.11

The MediaCodeSpeedEdit software made to run on WINDOWS, would do what I need, but there isn’t a MAC OS version that I know of. The only software I can find changes the RPC code. I could care less about that. I have NEVER had an issue stemming from the RPC code being wrong.

I also fear that with the fact that every 6 months or so, entire platforms can become obsolete. APPLE is not making any more PPC apps. only the INTEL CPU based MACS will have new apps and support from APPLE. You can figure from that last sentence, I have a PPC model, It is a G4 w/ DUAL 1GHZ CPUs, running OS 10.4.11 (the newest OS my mac can run).

IS there a way to use your MediaCodeSpeedEdit VS- app on my Mac G4. One good thing is that OS10.4.11 has a way to access its inner UNIX self. It can run UNIX software using an app called TERMINAL.

My mac even identifies your app (MediaCodeSpeedEdit VS- as a UNIX Executable File. It seems rational that since a Mac can run UNIX, If I was given the correct instructions, I might could get your app to run in a UNIX shell, and thusly, fix or “upgrade” my burner to write to DVD+R media, Maybe even to write DVD-RAM discs too.

I can read/write to DVD-R DL fine. Having said that, I can hardly find any blank DVD-R DL media in any store even searching online stores. The DVD-R DL media specifically is a rare item to find. The DVD-R single layer media is ALL OVER THE PLACE as is the DVD+R and the DVD+R DL media. If there was a HUGE quantity of DVD-R DL media around, and it as easy to find as the DVD+R DL media, I woudn’t care if my burner couldn’t write to a DVD+R media. BUT it sadly this is not the case.

Before anyone suggests this idea.

NOTE: (I just moved to a city that is new to me.) SO, this means I truly do not know ANYONE that owns a WINDOWS platform computer system that also has firewire capability that will let me come over and use there WINDOWS machine, and the MediaCodeSpeedEdit application to fix my drive. Maybe in several months I may meet someone that can help in that way. I’d much rather have a fix made to run on my MAC.

CAN ANYONE HELP ME!!! IT is just maddening. WHY are there so damn many DVD+R media. I do not know ANY ONE that wants to use that type. It isn’t nearly as compatible as the DVD-R media is. I do not get it???

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that Pioneer 117 has buffer underrun protections so the cause of write failing must be located elsewhere.

My guess is that you are using low quality discs. Alternatively, the chipset controlling firewire connection can be incompatible with your machine for some reason. Can you test the drive in a different computer?