My Pioneer 218L cannot burn DL higher than 2.4x

Hi Guys,
This is my first post. I was referred here by the good folks over at imgburn.

I just purchased a Pioneer 218L only to fiind out that the firmware on it doesn’t support dual layer burning of speeds higher than 2.4x. I was very dissapointed. But now that i’m reading in this site about how pioneer made some chipset changes i see why. But now i’m left with a huge lot of 2.4x verbatims that will not burn at higher speeds. These same discs used to burn at up to 8x with my previous Pioneer 216D. Right now since the drive is so new there is no firmware upgrade. And I went to check out the site for MediaCodeSpeedEdit tool but that program doesn’t support my new 218L drive. Is there anything else than can be done to raise the speed of this drive so that I don’t have to wait forever for a disc to burn. This is murder.


AFAIK, the 218 drives now use MTK chipset, up to x17 it was NEC OPU.

Yeah i was reading about all that. So I guess that until there is updated firmware for that drive there is nothing I can do to burn at higher speeds other than buying the 8x Verbatims?

I just got one of these and I cannot burn a good CD audio with it. DVD’s burn fine. I can burn audio CD’s just fine with my older pioneer. Any ideas?

My only suggestion would be to look for a DVR-216 or DVR-217.


Ok, thanks.

Unfortunately Pioneer has really stepped on it with both feet this time :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt the problems the OP is experiencing can be blamed on the media. I believe it’s the drive itself.

I’ve been a Pioneer burner fan for years and have owned a 105, 107, 109, 212 and now a 218. My wife has owned a 109 and a 215. All excellent burners! Our [B]only[/B] DVD-R media for years has been Taiyo Yuden 8X silver (TYG02) and it has served us well. Pioneer burners have always (in the past) reliably burned this media and coasters are something we only read about.

Until the 218, that is. Now my drive has trouble recognizing the media. My wife’s 215 likes it fine.

I’ve done a little research and found info alluding to a change in the dye by Taiyo, but I’m not sure it affects the TYG02 media. Information is sketchy and much is hearsay, as usual on the 'net.

But the problem remains - I put blank media in the drive, close it, start Nero or ImgBurn, and wait …and wait …and wait …the drive ready signal is not sent. Opening the drawer and closing again sometimes makes it recognize it, but usually I have to advance to the burning step just prior to burning, and then repeat the opening/closing cycle before it sees it. Perhaps at that point the app rapid-fires the interrogate to the drive and it finally says “Hey …I’ve got media!!” and releases the drive to the app.

I don’t know if it’s the Mediatek chipset (as opposed to the previous superb NEC chipset) or the Pioneer marketing department’s desire to rush this thing to market before it was buzzed out, so noobs have a “Labelflash” drive (completely useless feature for me). Whatever the reason, this drive is a steaming pile of s**t. And to make matters worse, there is no firmware revision to make it better, despite it having been out there in the field for months :confused:

I’m going to hang onto it for a few months and see if Pioneer releases the firmware rev, and if so, if that fixes it. If not, it’s getting the “5 pound baby sledge hammer revision” :iagree: Trying to work an RMA is a waste of my time because of the small $ value, and Newegg charges a restocking fee even if it’s defective (figure THAT out).

I’ll never buy another Pioneer burner. The sales department seems to have performed a coup d’etat on the engineering department, and their drives have become “bells and whistles” crap :doh:

In the meantime I’ve ordered an LG GH22LS30 and will just use MCSE to patch RPC and riplock. The 218 will ride the closet shelf for awhile.

AVOID THE DVR-218 AT ALL COSTS !!! Do yourself a favor.

my 218l burns at 8x, firmware 1.01