My Pioneer 108 is not a pioneer

I bought an OEM pioneer 108 yesterday… It burnt very well with the speed expected for this model… but, it reconized as a PIODATA DVD-R 108 DX by WinXp, nero etc… That’s not a problem, but, I can’t use the firmware directly from pioneer for the DVD-R 108 OEM, my PIODATA is not reconized as a pioneer… PIODATA website as a firmware 1.14 just like pioneer, but is it a way to change firmware to change this PIODATA to a real PIONEER 108 OEM ??? (It is really a pioneer, I have a friend getting a real OEM pioneer 108 and it’s exactly the same) But I would use hacked firmware, and I can’t !!!

If somebody have the way to make my burner reconized as a real pioneer, I will be so much gratefull :slight_smile:

Thank beforehand for your answers.

Please pardon my poor english :confused:

Piodata are indeed a Pioneer in disguise, what you have to do use flash the new firmware together with an original Pioneer Kernel, which is usually with the hacked firmware that u can download.

Thank teisho for your advice. Unfortunatly It doesn’t work :frowning:

I get this when I try to flash…

Reading firmware ‘R8100008.114’…
firmware is of Kernel type (PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-108 1.14 )
Reading firmware ‘R8100108.114’…
firmware is of Normal type (PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-108 1.14 )

Drive Information:
Description - PIODATA DVD-RW DVR-108DX
Firmware Rev. - 1.14
Firmware Date - 04/09/07
Manufacturer - PIONEER
Drive is in normal mode.

Additional Drive Information:
Serial number - DIDL016997WL
Interface type - ATA
DVR generation - 0008
Kernel type - PIODATA
Normal type - PIODATA
Kernel version - 0001

The PIODATA DVD-RW DVR-108DX is not supported by this utility - Aborting

I used DVRFlash, should I use another one ???

Well It works usings DVRFlash V.2.0 rather than the DVRFlash V1.2 I used before…

Thanks to the answers!

I use a Pioneer A05/outdated for sure. I am researching the new pioneer dual layer to ensure no problems with XP Pro SP2.
FOR YOU: I recently bought a Sony dual Layer dvd burner. I had problems? I contacted Sony and they were polite advising me, THEY DO NOT SUPPORT OEM! Go figure? Perhaps Pioneer is the same…hate to think it.