My Pioneer 107 Media Results

Hi all,

Here are a load of kprobe scans for various media / various speeds. The firmware is unhacked 1.10 and the PC is a P4 2.6HT, 1Gb RAM, 250Gb HDisk, ATI Radeon 9600XT.

My overall impression is much better than the LiteOn 411 which I used for the scans. It seems to be quite picky with the media but it is very consistent (always burns bad with certain media, always burns good with others). The LiteOn was very inconsistent sometime burning good sometimes bad even with the same media batch.

I’ve got some Verbatim DVD+R 8x on the way and will post these results when they show up!!!

Comments please


Unbranded RitekR02 +R burned at 2.4x

Unbranded RitekR02 +R burned at 4x

Unbranded printable surface RitekR03 +R burned at 2.4x

Unbranded printable surface RitekR03 +R burned at 4x

Unbraded printable surface RitekG04 -R burned at 2x

Unbraded printable surface RitekG04 -R burned at 4x

For a laugh here is one of the same G04 Riteks burned on my LiteOn 411S at 2x. The one preceeding this looked great and then I get this!!!

This is hugely suck-worthy IMO.

RITEK G04 burnt at 8X :slight_smile:

Hi Benlefou, really nice clean scan. I might have to take the plunge and try the hacked firmware (can I assume that is what you did?).

Have you tried any DVD+R disks yet? My results haven’t been too good so far which is why I’m going to try Verbatim 8xDVD+R to see if it’s worth the extra money!


I might have to take the plunge and try the hacked firmware (can I assume that is what you did?)

Yes I use Nil’s 1.10 firmware

Have you tried any DVD+R disks yet?

I’ve tried RICOH 4x dvdd+r
PI error was 120 at max and PO 7. There were problems for reading in my ps2 in the end of the disc but was ok in other devices

Here are a few new scans, it seems very clear that you get what you pay for with DVD media. If you’ve got an A07 / 107 then you can’t go much wrong with Verbatim media.

Verbatim 4x DVD-R burned at 4x

Verbatim 8x DVD+R burned at 4x

Verbatim 8x DVD+R burned at 8x

Notice that the scan is better burned at 8x than 4x.

Pretty sweet.


This is a very scary moment for me…

Your system is almost exactly the same as what I built a little while ago. Creepily so!!

P4 2.8GHz HT
1GB 400MHz RAM
2 x 240GB JBOD RAID Arrays (using WD1200JB Hard Disks)
ATI Radeon 9600XT
DVR-107D (1.10 - Hacked)

Your results with RITEKG04 DVD-R’s are exactly the same as mine.


I haven’t tried burning at 8x yet, but after seeing your results at 8x I’m going to waste a disc just for the sake of it now to see if I can get the same result!!

I only hacked the firmware to gain RPC1 and didn’t bother about the 8x burn, but I’ve just burnt 200 of these discs over the last month and I wish I had known that I could get them done at 8x with that sort of scan!! I’ve been wasting my bloody life away!! You may have just saved me one hell of a lot of time in future.

Thanks very much for your posts, guys.



BUGRIT! I knew this was going to happen :frowning:

Who’s gonna explain the difference? :confused:

Here’s my results:

RITEKG04 - Burnt @ 4x - Scanned @ 4x

I can’t understand the difference :confused:
Here is my 8X burn with G04 ( scan done with the same drive as yours )

I always get better results if I reboot the computer before I burn a DVD. Also, if I run Kprobe followed by burning with Nero, the results are always bad. After using Kprobe I reboot if I want to burn again. I’m wondering if other people are experiencing the same thing.

I have a similar situation.

I always re-boot before starting a burning session using Nero, otherwise the results are too varied and unpredictable. To be clear here, I just mean before a burning session, not before each individual burn. If I run other programs, or have been doing something else on the computer, I will re-boot before starting a burn.

That having been said, I can get perfectly consistant results all day without one re-boot, if I burn one disc in the Pioneer with Nero, whilst testing the previous burn in the Lite-On with K-Probe at the same time.

I haven’t noticed any issues regarding which program starts first or last. But I do always start my K-Probe scans before I start the next Nero burn, to allow for the Lite-On to spin up properly and start sending data through. It seems to hog the channel a bit at the begining of the test.



Do you have the Pioneer and the Lite-On on the same IDE channel and you’re still able to burn a DVD and Kprobe test on the Lite-On? If that’s the case, I have my doubts whether this is a good practice.