My Pio 111D blows like a hairdryer!

Hi all. I have a Pio DVR 111D flashed with TDB RPC1 Firmware 1.29 and this drive is making a LOT of noise when playing DVDs. This is a problem since it is installed in my HTPC…
Upon any DVD read, the thing starts blowing air and looks like it spins like crazy permanently during the entire time the DVD is in the drive. The weird thing is that it does that with 90% of my DVDs and plays the rest normally and quietly. I don’t get it!
Does anyone have a few advice on how to make or keep this thing quiet, besides ripping my DVDs :slight_smile: ? Thanks in advance for any leads that would help me troubleshoot the issue or find a solution.

if you need a quiet read modus just install cd-bremse(~cd-brake)

Thanks limbo.
Any recommendations on particular settings I should try to apply with CD-brake?

I used both CD-Brake and also Nero Drive Speed but the drive just wants to do what he wants depending on the DVD I’m feed it with: some read quietly at 60 some noisily at 60 and 94. Nero or CD-Brake have no effect what so ever on the speed the drive is using. It doesn’t seem that I can force it to use a set speed… I can’t see myself ripping those pesky DVDs every time I’ll want to watch them… Grrrr

There’s some threads about this if you Search the Forum. I don’t remember the details, but it’s firmware related. There’s also a Quiet Drive utility from Pioneer for the retail drive (firmware).

You can try with 8.xx or earlier 1.xx firmwares…

I looked into this and unfortunately the 111D isn’t compatible with this utility.

Yes! Thanks for your suggestion. That’s what I’ll do next.

OK. Problem solved: :bigsmile:
I revert back to the earlier 1.06 TDB RPC1 firmware and it did the trick.
All DVDs are playing quietly. Thank god! :bow:

Lessons learned: Proceed with firmware versions incrementally and TEST.
Thanks for all the help.