My Philips DVDR1660P1 doesn't burn DVD's

It was ok for a couple of months until today.I’ve got like 8-9 empty dvd discs ,i’ve used those kinds before,but now the recorder doesn’t want to write.
It’s okay with CD’s,I’ve tried both Nero and Alcohol but nothing.
It reads DVD’s.
I re-installed the drivers for no effect.
Anybody had that problem before ?
Thanks in advance !

OK,here’s the deal :
I used to use only Verbatim DVD+R and it used to work just fine.
I bought Sony DVD+R today and just burned it successfully.
Then I tried burning a few of the Verbatims again but burning process failed.
What the hell could it be ?

I have the same philips drive and I had similar problems.Try using Cyberlink Power 2 Go. It’s the only thing that works for me and I’ve found it works with all disks.

Thank you,I’ll give it a try,although now I use Maxell DVD+R discs and I have no problems with the drive.
Haven’t tried Verbatims since then lol
I guess we both shouldn’t have bought Philips drives.