My Philips DVDR1640P freezes pc with nero

Philips DVDR1640P p2.4

I can’t use nero because freeze pc. anyone some suggestions?

The writer likes +R media. Try Benq-Qscan to see if your disc is supported by your burner.
Use an authentic serial number with Nero.
Make sure the drive is connected with the included cable and that DMA is switched on in Windows.
If your mainboard has an Nforce chipset, update the Phillips to BenQ B7P9. There is a procedure in this forum for the crossflash update. If indeed you have Nforce, must flash only from Windows safe mode (press F8 many times while starting computer, choose safe mode).
Let us know how you do. :wink:

I have used Nero that become with burner.
I don’t have the original cable (what kink of cable I need?)
I flashed the burner with the latest fw (2.4 I think)
I don’t have Nforce on mother board
UDMA is enabled.

I can use other burner software but not Nero


You need an 80 wire cable for best results, and not the cheap version.
Most 40 wire cables work, but the extra HQ 80 wire types give better quality results.
Use a normal or short cable, not an extra-long cable.

Use the version of Nero listed for upgrade at
Use the utilities from because they are an update to the Nero utilities written especially for Phillips/BenQ

You may need to clean-out and reinstall Nero.

Norton Anti-Virus running (during installs) can botch writing software installs.
ASAPI may not be installed correctly, but Nero InfoTool can tell you.
Roxio products and packet writing software, including Nero’s own In-CD can cause lockups. Intervideo software can cause lockups.