My Philips dvdr 980 keeps crashing and displays a problem code then won't respond to anything

I have a Philips dvdr 980 which seems to operate fine for a while then always seems to crash and display the fault code AB FO9116. I have read some other posts and haven’t had much luck in solving my problem. the only thing I have picked up on which I think May possibly help is to get the upgrade disc and load this into the recorder. can anyone tell me where I can get this upgrade disc from. or even better, if you know what this code means , or any information or know how I would be gratefull. thank you :slight_smile:

There is a firmware update for the recorder here:

You can download the firmware and make your own upgrade disk…they have instructions here in this pdf file.

The manual shows that a simple self diagnosis program exists in the recorder. To access it you unplug the recorder, then press Play as you plug in the recorder again. The display should show [I]BUSY[/I] and a counter showing time. The test will eventually show [I]PASS [/I]or [I]FAIL[/I] as a result, with [I]FAIL[/I] requiring service from a technician.

Thank you for your response to my post. I have downloaded and made the firmware disc from the information you posted to me. I am very grateful for your help and will let you know the results. . hopefully with a very large smile icon at the end of the post. thanks again.