My PC wont read this DVD

I’ve got a dvd that I’m trying to copy but my PC wont recognize it.
However it plays fine on my home dvd player.
Does anyone know what kind of copy protection this is, and can it be defeated?

what type of dvd.

Dvd video? if so is it the correct region

Game dvd? What system (ps2 etc)

Data Dvd? (some home dvd players read mp3 data dvd’s etc) but i Cant think of why you would have a problem


It’s a video dvd called “over canada”.
It plays fine on my home unit, but I can get my computers to see it. The dvd-rom units keeps trying to read it without success.
(I’ve tried it on two computers so far. One has a LG burner the other has an HP)
There are no noticeable marks or scratches on the playing side of the disk.
The dvd video was produced by Sony.

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

Do you know if the video format is pal or nstc? perhaps your problem is this…not encryption?

Peace out…:slight_smile:

It’s in NTSC format.
I figure since it has no problems playing on the home unit, it must be some type of copy protection


Another thought occured to me regarding your post, but since we know nothing about your pc’s hardware, it’s a real stretch for us.

If it’s a factory pressed dvd, and you can play other DVD’s on both your pc and set top box, then region code is not likely. Have you tested other DVD’s you can play on set top in your pc?

Is the DVD in question truly a factory pressed CD or is it a burn? Some companies do release “legal releases on burned media”.

If it’s a burn, is media compatible with you pc’s drive?

Can you simply not play the DVD as a movie…but your system can see the disk in the drive? Or, does your system not recognize a disc is in the drive at all?

What programs if any are installed on your pc to watch a DVD, and if so…what apps do you have running in the backround, they may be causing a confict.

Sorry for such a long post, but your question leaves us with alot of questions before we can be much help…:slight_smile:

Three freebies…dvd decrypter
dvd shrink

Go to google for the d/l sites

After many months of coasters, these work for me !

Hi There;

Sorry, I should have given all the particulars in the beginning.

It’s a factory pressed DVD. Produced by Sony. Made in 2003.
I’ve tried it on two of my PC’s, One has a LG 4X dvd burner, the other PC has a HP 200i dvd burner.
Both machines have Power DVD, Alcohol 120, Anydvd, Nero, etc.
Both machines have had no problem reading other commercial dvd disks.
This dvd isn’t being read by the pc at all. I’m unable to browse it. The readers continuously try to read it but without success.
However my home dvd player plays it without a hitch.

Thanks for your continued help…any ideas?

The problem has been resolved!

This Sony DVD cannot be read with a “burner”. It can only be read with a standard dvd-rom.

Thanks to all for your help.