My PC Won't Play DVDs

I have a P4 2.8 GHz machine with an ATI AIW 9600 Pro. 512 MB Ram. I’m using WinDVD 7 and WinDVD6 and trying to play a DVD. I get audio that is slightly distorted and no video. It looks like the playback is fast and then slow and then fast… The timer will go for a few seconds and then slow down and then go normal and then slow down. I can watch AVI files and MPG files just fine. I even used AnyDVD to backup my DVD to my harddrive and when I try and play the movie from the Video_TS folder it does the exact same thing as when the DVD is playing. Any ideas? Thanks for your time.

Have you tried a different player like PowerDVD first to make sure it isn’t a software problem?

#1 I did get PowerDVD to play my DVD. I am using PowerDVD 4. I can’t get PowerDVD to play from my Video_TS folder on my machine though. It says it’s looking for an IFO file which I point it to and it says error code 89030000 Unknown file format. Whats up with that?

#2 Also, WinDVD will only play the intro to the DVD itself just the part that has some goofy music and then the word Mirage and then the screen goes black and only audio. Does WinDVD 7 suck? What am I missing here?

@ tater salad,

Perchance have you attempted to play this particular DVD in a stand-alone tabletop DVD player? It appears that quite possibly this particular DVD you are attempting to view in your computer might have a manufacturing defect.

Provide the Complete Name of this particular DVD you are having difficulties viewing.

Perchance is this particular problematic DVD an original Commercial DVD Movie Title or a backup copy of a Commercial DVD Movie Title?

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He’s trying to play from files on the PC. THough bj has a point doe the original play fine?

the thread titles says he can’t play dvds and even if he’s trying to play from files, the files had to come from somewhere…dvd files don’t just magically appear on your computer without you ripping them from a dvd unless he authored them himself in which case he authored them with some kind of invalid structure…

(and if they appear another way then well… :Z on you)

definitely check if the original plays correctly in a regular dvd player.

I have played the original in the a standalone DVD player just fine. The movie is Hostage with Bruce Willis. I use AnyDVD to backup my movies to my HTPC. Is PowerDVD 4 just too old to play from the video_TS folder? Thanks for everyones input.