My pc wont boot up

it was fine yesterday, but then when i went to use it last night, it wudnt boot up. it starts to, then says windows (xp) hasnt booted up correctly and gives me some choices like start up in “safe mode” “start up in safe mode with networking” “start up windows normally” “start up to last safe configuration” and a couple of others i dont remember.

no matter which one i try, it wont boot up. i select an option and then i get 2 pages of error lines, which dont stay on the screen long, but most of them have system32 in them, so i am presuming the operating system is buggered for some reason

i have stuff on there i wud like to save, is that possible?

i booted into bios, but i dont know much about it, so i cudnt see anything immediately wrong.

also, my kids pc (also running xp) refuses to boot up. that started a week ago. u get a blank screen and it just makes repeated long beeps. it did that once before so i had it looked at and either the processor or hard drive was replaced. cost me almost £200!!

hubby said sod that, so he’s bought me a Dell (waiting for it to be delivered) so the kids cud have my pc, which was fine.

now mines buggered!

i have a thought. since theyre XP, do you think windows have downloaded updates to fuck them up so we all change to vista? both the pcs in question hve automatic updates turned on

my pc is a CCL but with a dual core amd processor and different ram installed last year

Hi :slight_smile:
Boot from Windows CD & choose repair instead of install.
This may sort things out for you… hopefully… :cool:

oh wow, i didnt know you could do that! thank you zebadee!! i shall try it and let you know. :kiss:

i’m sorry to appear thick, but it wont let me boot up from the disc. it keeps going round and rebooting itself. i put the disc in but it doesnt give me the on screen option to boot from/repair disc

is there any way i can make it recognise the disc?

oh the errors say system 32/drivers

Hi :slight_smile:
Look in the BIOS.
With luck you will be able to boot from your optical drive in the boot options.
Some have a shortcut key to go into the boot menu.
Check your manual.
If still stuck post model of motherboard (if you don’t know this, try [B][U]PCWizard[/U][/B] to get the info).

THANKS, i will try doing it from bios :slight_smile:

right im in advanced BIOS features…boot sequence…the cd drive is the 3rd in the boot sequence.

i’ve gone down to cd/dvd drives and pressed enter. says first drive is cd/dvd:PM-ATAPI DV

cant seem to find a way to boot from the cd but will keep looking

oh i put the cd drive as 1st boot up, hope that was right

[QUOTE=RandyRos;2306277]oh i put the cd drive as 1st boot up, hope that was right[/QUOTE]

Hi :slight_smile:
Yes, that should do it. :wink:

ooooooooooo its working!

it gave me a chance to repair by pressing R but then i got the recovery console which says;

“the recovery console provides system repair and recovery functionality. type EXIT to quit and restart the puter”

then there is a c prompt. what to i type??

ooooooooo typing HELP has given me a list of commands. trying checkdisk atm

it found one or more errors on the disk. no sh*t sherlock!

160071628 kb total disk space
124945188 kb available
4096 bytes in each allocation unit
40017907 total allocation units on disk
31236297 allocation units available on disk

hmmm, need to find an option to repair the disk. will type HELP again

wud it be fix master boot record?

the boot sector is corrupt, but ive written a new boot sector.

still the c prompt tho

Hi :slight_smile:
If I was you I’d try it.
But no guarantees it will work.
Usually it will sort out problems itself.
Those of a harder nature tend to be more 50/50.
These require you to select options.
It may not work.
In this case install windows again (fresh).
This would let you get access to old files, at least.

ive typed exit to reboot now, see what happens

its checking files now (cos i chose not to boot from cd)

it rebooted and OMG IT WORKS!!! zebadee i cud kiss you, THANK YOU!!!

[QUOTE=RandyRos;2306309]its checking files now (cos i chose not to boot from cd)

it rebooted and OMG IT WORKS!!! zebadee i cud kiss you, THANK YOU!!![/QUOTE]

Hi :slight_smile:
You are welcome. :clap:


now i can back up my important stuff ready to put on my new puter when i get it. then i’ll reformat it for the kids.

thanks :flower:

this seems like a good place to put this,

This isnt my problem so i dont have most of the details but, answer as best you can as this has me confused and irritated as i cant answer it.

The pc doesnt boot. That simple, however XP is loaded and everything but the mother board and processor are new.

Heres the confusing bit: it starts to boot going into the bios but gets no further, the setup hasnt changed and has worked for the better part of 4 years. On occasion though it will get to windows but then will not get any further, it wont even get into safe mode.