My Pc will Not recognize my Plextor 716A



my Pc will Not recognize my Plextor 716A can anybody help


Are you certain that you have the jumper on the back of the drive set correctly? If you have it connected to the very end of the IDE cable, it should be set as Master…if it is on the middle connector, the jumper needs to be on the Slave setting.

If this is done properly, and you know the power connector is also good, check in the bios of the computer and see if it shows up there. Generally you can get into the bios by clicking Del or one of the F keys as you boot the machine up. Look in the manual for your computer to see the exact procedure.

If it doesn’t show up in the bios, you have no hope of it working.


ok I did all of that My pc shows up the plextor but when I put a Disc in Nothing happens on the screen it’s like the drive is’n’t reading the disc I open up eac and it shows the drive but no songs come up in eac so i can rip it so is the drive dead or is there any hope?


Have you tested both cds and dvds in the drive? Will none of them play? If you go into My Computer and right click on the drive icon, then hit explore, can you see the contents of the disk?

The next test is to use a bootable disk in the drive and restart the computer. You need the boot order set in the bios to look for a bootable disk in the optical drive first, rather than one of the hard drives, so that it will boot into this disk instead of the operating system. The purpose of this test is to see if the drive is working at all, outside of any problems in the operating system.

A bootable disk would be something like a Windows install disk, or restore disk. You can also find them online. The ultimate boot disk is free to use, but you’ll need some way of burning it to a disk. You can get the ISO here:


ok I got the plextor as 1’st boot and the HD as 2’nd and I rebooted it up and nothing it goes straight to HD and loads the os like the disc in the plextor isn’t there wait a min I get a Blue screen rebooted the pc now windows loads nope blue screen Damninaccessible boot device I can’t even go into safe mode