My pc restarts reapeatdly and i dont know why?

hi every one

i have a new motherboard , processor , and ram
and every couple of hours my pc restarts and gives this message ( ide channel 1 80 conductor no installed)

why is this happening? and how to solve this problem?

thx for any posts

thats one smart computer :slight_smile: i think it wants an 80 wire ide cable instead of 40 or the cable may be defective.

Check and make sure that your cables are properly installed, normally the computer will tell you in boot up mode that there is no conductor 80 wire cable installed which would signify that you have a 40 wire cable installed, and the down side to that would be that you are not maximizing your data transfer speed. It shouldn’t be restarting. As suggested put in a 80 wire cable and see if that solves your problem. You can also go to the event viewer under performance and maintenance, click on system on the left hand side and view the events that have been happening on your computer on the right.

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ok , first what is 40 conductor cable and what is the 80?
and how to install it

thx for help


Mechanically, both are the same, but the 80wired cable offers higher bandwith that is needed for modern fast drives (harddisks and optical drives). Easiest way to check wether there is a 40wired or an 80wired one: The connectors of an 80wired cable are blue, grey and black, with 40wired cables, all connectors are black. You may also have a look here:
Picture: (The upper cable has 40wires, the lower one is 80wired.)

and how to install it
Remove the 40wired cable that is installed between the mainboard and the drive and replace it by an 80wired one.
If a shop built this machine, then go there, complain and have them fixed that :wink:


thx that was really helpful
my new motherboard has a cable with it and i didnt use it yet
its connectors have the colors blue ,black and black so i think its is a 80 cable , right?
and i will try to install it

thx again

:iagree: right. :iagree:

i have just removed the old cable and i found out that its connectors also have the three colors blue , black and grey
but i installed the new one any way and i hope this solves the problem

after installing the new cable the problem is still
and its very annoying that every 2 hours the comp restarts

plz any help i will be thankful

Sounds like you have some bad RAM or PSU.

my ram is new and what is PSU?

PSU: [B]P[/B]ower [B]S[/B]upply [B]U[/B]nit

Are there btw other drives that are connected using that kind of IDE cable?

about my problem , i forgot to mention that i have a built in motherboard but im installing another vga card , could that be the problem that is making my pc to restart every couple of hours?

If your motherboard has video and you also have plugged in a video card, I suppose that might be causing it. You may be able to disable the on-board video by entering the BIOS setup.

In any case, you can test by unplugging the AGP card and see if the problem goes away.

In addition to the possible bad RAM and PSU mentioned earlier, it might be an overheating problem.

I would download a memory diagnostic and see if it will run for a few hours. Google for Microsoft memory diagnostic or memtest86. The downloads come in two flavors. One is used to make a bootable floppy, and the other is used to make a bootable CD/DVD.

If the memory test works okay, I would download a hard drive diagnostic. All hard drive manufacturers have one. They generally work for any hard drive. I use Seagate’s. It claims to test the controller and the cable, and can also do a quick memory test.

Hi Guys,
My Pc Restarts And I Dont Know Why?
I Took It To A Specialist And He Didnt Know Whats Wrong With It
But I Noticed Some Things It Might Be Helpful
I Thought At First That The Reason Is The Psu But These Things Made Me Exclude That
1 - It Restarts When The Load Gets Higher
2 - And If I Left It Just Running Without Doing Any Thing On It, It Doesnt Restart

So Any Help Will Be Great
Thx In Advance

Didn’t you start a thread about the PC restarting before?

Yes And I Didnt Get Any Helpful Solutions So I Made Anew One With The Above Hits I Thought They Might Be Helpful

I still wonder if it’s ps. If you are running hard, maybe thats why the ps goes out on you.

Do you have access to a spare?

Try to restore your system windows registry to a week or two back reboot and if that did not solved your problem you have to consider reformating your HD.

At first glance I would suspect a failing [B]Power Supply[/B].
Especially if you get various error codes at each shutdown.

If you are not able to see the error code:
(in XP)
Start > Control Panel > Advanced > (under Startup and Recovery) Settings > (under System Failure) uncheck “Auto-Restart”

Now you should see the error code.
Google it and/or post back with it.