My PC keeps shutting down after fab

I am not sure what to do. My PC keeps shutting down after I use fab plat. The box is not checked for shut down. Maybe I have to check the box to avoid shut down? I only know that the box isn’t checked. Can anyone give me an idea? :slight_smile:


what other programs are you running with DVDFAB?

This is not normal behaviour. The box should be UNchecked. In addition to X777’s suggestion to look at what else you have running, you might also investigate heat/power supply shutdown issues. When it happens, does windows close normally or does the PC just go dark?

Signals, has a good point…your hardrive might be heating, i know for a fact that mine does! As a result my PC shutsdown. However i solved this matter by additing two more fans in front of my HDD with the AIR pushing forward to my HDD.