My pc keeps freezing and making clicking sounds

Hi i was just looking for some help I got a pc given to me by a friend it has worked perfect for 6 months. Just lately it has been freezing up and making a clicking sound which normally lasts a couple of minutes, but sometimes it freezes and wont come back on so i have to reset any help would be appreciated thanks:confused:

This sounds like a power supply or hard disc drive problem. You do not say what brand of machine it is. Also, if you can take the side cover off-clean any dust out. Clicking can be from bad fans and drives. I suspect from your description that the hard drive is dying. If there is a floppy drive (rare these days), that too could do it. Good luck

hi jc836 my pc is a intel celeron cpu 2.66 ghz 1gb of ram running on windows xp service pack 3 with a maxtor 6l120m0 i have had the side of a couple of times and cleaned the dust out it does not make a difference there is no floppy drive on it

I assume this is a “generic” no name machine. Shut down the unit and disconnect both the power and data cable from the hard drive. Restart and let it run for a while. If there is no clicking-you have a bad hard drive and need to replace it.

i cant really tell like that because it does not happen all the time maybe a couple of times a week i tried a different hard drive a little while ago and happened with that one to

its a intel D915gag

It does sould like the hard Drive is about to die.

If it happen with two hard drives then I would say it was not a bad hard drive. I would remove the side and or cover when you get the clicking sound see if you can tell if it is coming from you cpu fan or video card fan if you have one. In my case I just reach in and touch the fans while the noise is going on and see if that stops it. Also it could be the fan in the power supply and it is not that easy to get to but you should be able to listen close to the power supply and tell if the fan is making the noise. Any one of these fans could have dust in them or be going bad and with heat building up it would cause the computer to freeze. A can of air from walmart could be used to blow out the dust. I have seen many a computer freeze because people never remove the cover and get the dust out of the cpu fan.

the clicking seems to be coming from the mother board i clean it out regulary with compressed air it sorts its self out if i remove the ram then replace it exactly the same

clicking cannot come from the motherboard unless the clicking is a open somewhere and it is arcing across. You should be able to see this on the board if you look real close but I do not think that is the problem. I would say it is coming from the cpu fan and you could find out by leaving the cover off and just putting your finger on it when the noise is there. If the cpu fan is going bad and stops at times that will cause your problem but before I would replace it I would see if You can find out if the noise is coming from there. Make sure you do not have a screw or something loose in the case that is at times touching the board and that all of the mother board screws are tight.

sorry the clicking noise is coming from the hard drive i checked under the fan and there was a thick lair of dust cleaned it of and checked again and the noise came from the hard drive which i dont understand i have tried a couple of hard drives and still get the same clicking noise

Are either of the hard drives you’ve tried brand new? They may both be failing.

Here is a site with sounds produced by failing hard drives. If the sounds you are hearing are similar to these, it is time to back up your data while you can.

its not the same same its like a click then load very fast load then click again and goes like that

yes the new one i tried is less than 6 weeks old

Could be a motherboard controller issue. This is not repairable.
Try using a different IDE connector. Did you happen to try to “flash” the BIOS of the motherboard? IF so this may also be part of the problem.

The next easy thing to do is to try doing what I said in my first response-power down and disconnect the hard drive completely. Let the box run until you hear the noise. If after say 30 minutes it does not power down or make any noise-you can swapping the power supply and reconnecting the hard disc and see if that solves the problem. Sadly, all of this may be for nothing IF there is a failure of any sort on the motherboard.