My PC goes really slow

Even at the turning on of the computer everything goes slow.It needs so much time at the startup screen.It needs time to enter windows,it needs so much time to put all the programms that start with windows and goes really slow at everything that I do.
I think that this is not normal and I am sure that this doesn’t have to do with the case that it needs format because of the so many programms.I don’t think that I have so many anyway.
I have seen that in the device manager in the ide ata/atapi controllers on the primary ide channel,on device 0 although I have chosen transfer mode dma if available it has current transfer mode pio mode.
Do you think that i have to change somehow this or have you got any other idea of what my problem is?

tried reinstalling the hard drive cable (unplugging and reinstalling the cable) to let Windows redetect the device and change the transfer mode. Second, click ctrl-alt-delete to see what programs is running. Go into your bios and see if you can enable quick boot in the settings. Pio mode is the slowest. If your computer has not been clean in a while, try disk cleanup and defragment the hard drive. Click on run and type in msconfig. You should see a system configuration utility window, click on startup icon. You will see all the programs Windows will load on boot-up. Disable the programs you don’t need running. Good luck::wink:

How can I reinstall the hard drive cable?
Should I right click on the device manager on primary ide channel and choose uninstall and then restart?

Defrag your hard drive.

I like to use a program like System Mechanic Pro to clean up clutter, delete temp files, delete temp internet files, etc. before I defrag my hard drives.

Ok,thanks a lot guys!I solved the prooblem.I just uninstalled the primary ide channel and the transfer mode changed to dma so the pc wokrs fine again.