My pc died....but then it came back to life

this happened a few months ago, my old hp privillion broke completely, all i did was i push the power button once, and the system turns on then off then on then off RAPIDLY, after switch it off then turn it on again, all i hear from it was beeps, alot of beeps. everything was fried, it’s broken.

afterwards i went and bought a brand new custom builted pc in hong kong, it came with a really bad power supply, but i didn’t care.

on valantine’s day, after i finish using my new pc, i decided to log out for a while.

i click on “log out” in windows xp, and my pc suddenly:

turns off-----then on---------then off-------then on again.

this continue for about 8 times before i pull the plug, then i turn it back on again, i soon relized, my pc is dead.

it beep at me, yes it was beeping at me, just like my old HP when it broke, all i see is a blank screen and lots of beeping, everything inside the pc is dead!

i cried in horror, the same thing that has happened again, i broke another computer within just a month.

i spend an hour crying and sobbing, i then proceed to turn my dead pc off, and continue with my weeping.

after i’ve settled down, i was staring blankly at my DEAD pc, i decided to turn it on for no reason, and so i did.

then something happened…

insted of beeping at me, my pc…

came back to life!

bios boot, hd boot, windows boot, my pc was alive again, it was like a miracle, everything was running smoothly, my system is alive, it’s ALIVE!!!

now i would like to ask a question:

when my old hp died, it beep at me, no matter how many times i turn it on my old hp is still dead and beeping.

now when my new pc died, it too beep at me, and the whole system was dead, i was obviously there and saw everything with my own eyes, how come my dead new pc was able to come back to life? why? is that even possible?

also i would like to know how much damage do you think my pc has sustain during those rapid uncontrollable restarts?

please reply soon, and thanks for helping

That is very odd behavior, especially for two computers. Are you sure there is not a short in the wall socket that you are plugging into? I would consider getting an uninterupted power supply. I would consider a beter power supply too, keep running it to see if there are further problems and hope for the best. It might just be a matter of waiting to see if it has further problems. I would defanatlly consider at least the uninterupted power supply in case there is a problem with you household wireing. It would be beter to fry an uninterupted power supply than a computer.