My pc can't read Leonard Cohen

Hey all Cdfreaks

My pc can’t read the new Leonard cohen cd and it is pissing me off.

Any one know how i can read it in my cd-rom?


Hey dude,
same thing happened to my cd rom-couldn’t read a bloody thing.
I removed the cd rom drive and hurried to my local Spec savers-Whereupon the Optician fitted my drive with latest in Bi-Focals.

Hey presto-My cd rom can now read anything.

And there was me thinking it was a technical problem…Hmmmm


I’m not surprised it won’t play Leonard if it did it would probably slash it’s own IDE cable in desperation. Sorry only joking but he is a little depressing, hope you cheer up soon:)

:slight_smile: Cosmicray:)

Live Long And Prosper