My parents are in the middle of hurricane Jeanne right now



I called them a hour ago and it was getting close. Just called them right now no answer. I hope they are OK. I do not know what they were thinking of staying during a category 3 hurricane. They are located in Melbourne Florida go check the Internet for a current satellite picture and you will see that the north east wall is going right over them… :o


I was guessing “My parents are in the middle of… a divorce” from the short title on the front page.


I hope they are alright Jamos. I’m watching the news, and Melbourne is supposed to be hit pretty hard. What did they say the other hurricane(s) were like? Did they stay thru them also?


Man, his parents just can’t get enough of those crazy hurricanes. It’s like the 4th one this month and they’re still at home.


In certain situations, when phone service is interupted, won’t the number still ring even tho the service is down?


If the phone line’s still attached to the phone pole.


yes they are ok this is the first they stayed on. It turned from a cat. 1 to a cat. 3 so quick there was no time to leave.


I hope they’re OK.


good luck for them


Jamos, how much damage, etc… did their area receive? Did they already have damage from the previous hurricane(s)?


I am over in Tampa and as I am typing this Jeanne is leaving us, well we are on the south side of it now. I have been watching the news and the East Coast of Florida is so so. The Fort Pierce area down to Palm Beach area is where it made land fall. I know Melbourne is north of Vero Beach which is about 20-15 miles north of Fort Pierce , I have been to Fort Pierce and the town isn’t that large, so I hope they are alright considering they got hit with Frances not to long ago. I they have been reporting power outages all over the state, I was fortunate to have the power flicker on and off a few times, the longest it has been off was 8 seconds, nothing to complain about. But I hope everything works out for your parents Jamos.


They are fine and the house is fine. They live about 15 miles south of Melbourne (near Vero). The only lost some shingles and the screen door. They said its like being on a runway with a jet taking off when the winds were hitting at 100 mph. Thier neighbors did not do as well some had roofs torn etc. but no serious injuries.