My Panasonic DVD-S29 (Trying to watch my Burned DVD-R's)

I’ve checked out a bunch of players that will play my Burnt DVD-R’s. My original (a samsung) just didn’t work properly because of my media or my burner (a LiteOn-LDW-411S). I tried a few out a C. City and this seemed to be the best at playing them. Took it home and am still having some problems (digital bleeps throughout the disk and on longer flicks a lot around the last 10 min.) I’m beginning to think it’s my burner. I use Verbatims and by some of the posts I’ve read they seem to work great in this player. I’ve upgraded the firmware on my drive, but that hasn’t helped. So what I’m asking is this. I would like to have anyone who has had good results with this media and this player, to please tell me what burner they used and what they used to shrink it (the DVD), write it, and the speeds or any other vital information they can give me so I can duplicate it and live a more stress free life.
Thanks Y’all
Uncle Bob