My p4p800-e-del RAM limitations?



hi guys,

my mobo states ddr 400 which is like pc 3200 i was wondering w<hether i could use pc 4000 or even 5000 and would it run at this speed or does that fall under DDRII also if it works would be reduced back to 3200 or wht??

thanx a heap!


… uuh, a lot of threads necessary with your new sys :wink:

… if you would like to overclock your system you could use PC4000 or higher, under normal conditions
. . you do very well with good PC3200 … like I said in one of your other threads, choose two sticks (same brand
. . and capacity !!)
. . to enable Dual Channel. Overclocking is very special, produces a lot of heat and there’s
. . the need for good cooling system, especially in SriLanka :iagree:


With normal settings, the memory would still default to PC3200. With the faster memory you might be able to overclock your system, but that is beyond my level of knowledge. Also, any attempt at overclocking would most likely void your warranty.

So IMO, it would be a waste of money.

Good Luck!