My other DVD drive wont recognize files burned by GSA-H10N (multisession)



I have 3 drives on my desktop, samsung CD-RW and Samsung DVD-rom, i have a third external dvd+/-RW drive (gsa-h10n). I burned a multisession data disk on my external dvd drive. the first time i used the disk i burned 2 files. my internal (original) dvd drive read those 2 files. But then when i burned a third file using multisession , my internal drive would not read those files because they did not appear in the my computer window. they were only read by GSA-H10N. What can i do to make sure that the multisessions i create will be read by other dvd drives? program i used was nero 7, dvd media was playo (dont worry about the media) dvd+r and my pc is windows xp home edition.


Don’t use multisession. Use DVD+/-RW (to erase and reburn everything) or use DVD-RAM (for drag-and-drop).


If you close the disc, the previous sessions should be accessible. An alternative is to import the previous session into all subsequent sessions, thereby making all sessions accessible. These options are available in your compilation dialog before burning.