My original NEC4550 1.06 FW is different from Liggy's 1.06 original FW?

I decided to flash my newly aquired NEC4550 with Liggy’s 1.06 with RPC1 and BT. Before doing so, I dumped the original 1.06 with binflash, and compared it binary to the file embedded in the zip archive of Liggy’s original dump,

They are different, and apparently not just in a few places (compared this with cmp on my linux box).

I would have expected the FWs to match… so is this another version of the 1.06 FW that I have on my NEC?

Are there different versions, with different feature sets?

Is this a reason for not flashing it to the Liggy modified one? Ideally I would have liked to have the “stock” FW with only RPC1 and BT until I’ve “qualified” my drive :wink:

– Per.

They do not mach because the Liggy firmware is modified. The changes to the firmware can be found on Liggy’s page.

I assume the unmodified firmware, called 106_orig, is not modified, no :wink:

Yes, the modified firmwares obviously differs, but I didn’t expect the unmodified ones to differ… Anyway, I’m checking this with Liggy, let’s see later.

– Per.

100% correct. There are 106_rpc1, 106bt_orig and 106bt_rpc1 - these are all modified, but 106_orig should not be changed. This reminds me of the several 1.01 firmwares we had for the 3540 drive.