My options? Anyones Advice please

Hello, I’m Josh, aka Fentanyl.
I’m new to this forum although I have been reading it for a couple of years.
I tried to join two years ago, and I kept getting errors trying to sign in, and register. After a couple of months I gave up trying to join. I decided I would try again, and this time it registered me instantly. YEY!!
OK, here’s the meat.
I’m running;
AMD 2100XP MSI KT400 Ultra NV Chips
PC-2100 2X512 For 1GB Simpletec’s
Ultra TX2 IDE Controller
4 Seagate 120’s for 480 Total
Litey 16X DVD-ROM
Litey 52X24X52 CD-RW(Rebagged for Memorex)
Litey 8X DVD+/-RW
I have a ton of Games, Programs, and other CD’s that I want to rip. I used Blindwrite to rip them before, But I now want to delete them, and move to the ISO standard. Using my equipment, does anyone have any suggestions as to what would be best for ripping burnable images. I prefer to store the images on my HD’s and then mount them when I happen to need them rather than digging around for the CD I need.
I’ll be ripping anything from Splinter Cell to Mech Warrior, and everything in between. Some use Securom, some Safedisk, some CD-Cops, CD-Dilla you name it, I want to know the best ALL around or most successful for ripping to the ISO format.
I have Nero 6, Blindwrite 4.5, and Clone CD ver#?

Iso format is useless for images of most modern copy protected cds as it cannot store the copy protection information necessary. Sorry.