My optical DRIVES must have a virus or something

Hi all,

I’ve had a problem with my Sony DRU-530A dvd burner for over a year now, and i’ve stumbled across your forums.

My system (Dell 8100) had 2 optical drives, a cd-rom and a cd-burner. last May, I replaced the CD burner with the

DVD burner. All worked fine, it read CD and DVD, and of course, burned DVD’s. That same night, I upgraded to the

latest firmware.

The NEXT day, it stopped reading CD’s. I guessed a reboot would solve it, but no luck. When I put the cd’s into my CD

ROM, the CD ROM stopped reading CD’s too. When I took out the DVD burner and replaced the CD burner (original

config), neither one was able to read CD’s.

Over the next few months/ weeks, I’ve tried as many differt approaches to problem solving as I can think of. I’ve

switched to PIO mode, switched IDE cables, and played with jumper settings. Nothing worked. When I put any of the

drives into anothe computer, I have the SAME problem, ie the DVD burner writes and reads DVD’s but NONE of the

drives read or write to CD’s. I sent it out to a computer shop, and they tested the voltages of all the components, and

all seemed normal. I doubt there was an over-voltage, as the rest of mmy hardware works fine.

As I said, thi started May 2004, so it’s been well over a year.since i’ve used a CD in my system. My friends joke about

it and say that my optical DRIVES have a virus.

Does anyone have any Idea what the problem is, or anything else i can try???

Dell Dimension 8100 desktop
XP Pro SP2

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Well, I get the feeling that your friends are just having a laugh. It would have to be a very specific targeted firmware virus (coded for only one model of drive). Highly unlikely that it is a virus.