My optical drive doesn't recognize discs (As it should)



Hi Guys

Only a thought :flower: this sticky could do with a re-write to include bitsetting +R media to DVD-ROM to fix read problems. (Bitsetting is not new but it is to this particular sticky)

My recent experience

Recently I backed up a friends wma collection on a Verbatim branded dvd-r, well… his old 700mhz Dell laptop Dvdrom drive wouldn’t read it. I grabbed a Dvd+R and burned the content again on the Nec 4551 which bitsett’s DVD+R to DVD-ROM. The Dell Laptop loved it, end of problem.

This is the section of the sticky that could be updated

Drive seems to work ok, but it doens’t see a certain type of media

If you have an old CD burner, or a somewhat older (or recent, but cheap) DVD burner, it might be that some formats aren’t supported.
Older CD burners sometimes don’t have CDRW support, so if you try such a disc in an older drive, that might be the case.
For quite a long time, DVD burners have been single format drives. This means, that they only could deal with either +R(W) media, or -R(W) media. If you try to burn to an unsupported media type, you just found the cause of your problem!