My optiarc dvd burner isnt being recognised o.0?

I just installed daemon tools lite and now my optiarc dvd burner isnt being recognised when ever I go to my computer all I see is BD-ROM Drive (E)??

I clicked on properties and saw that it some how changed itself to a EDLGHMH…something and it can only play cd roms :S??:sad:

Did you reboot? Another thing to try is delete the drive in the device manager followed by a reboot.

Yea I rebooted but its still showing up as bd-rom and in the device manager I cant find it. Im not sure what its called.


sorry found it I just panicked and didnt see it my bad. I updated then deleted since it was up to date.

I uninstalled and restarted and it still wouldnt work I went to device manager and saw under dvd/ cd drives optiarc dvd+/-rw AD-7350B ATA DEVICE then went to properties and under detailes for value it said “cd rom”

…which it isnt ¬_¬;

A DVD drive being shown as CD-ROM is an already known issue of Windows (never solved, at least on Windows XP).

However, it is only a cosmetic issue, i.e. is only a wrong way to show a drive, but this doesn’t cause a malfunctioning of the drive itself.

Don’t worry about this :slight_smile:

Did you try to uninstall Daemon tools to see if this solve?

Moreover, if I’m not wrong, you must set correctly some options in Daemon Tools to not mess up things. I don’t know exactly which options (sorry, I never used that software), but I read something related to this issue somewhere in the forum.

Yes I uninstalled it and still nothing was showing up. I uninstalled all the devices again and when I started windows 7 automatically found a driver and its still showing up as cd-rom drive E.

oh and by the way Im using windows 7 ultimate not xp which is why its very confusing to me, I thought problems like this wouldnt happen with 7 :S

Well it is but under details in the device manager it says thats its a cd rom drive, which it clearly isnt I burnt a home video on nero today.

Just before this happened I installed daemon tools but then uninstalled it because I thought it was the problem.

I uninstalled it a number of times on the device manager and restared but then it recognised as something completely diffrent it looked like it was trying to spell optiarc but the letters were jumbled up and again in the details section it said “dvd rom drive” but it said dvd+r/-rw burner.

Iv been trying to figure this out for the last 3hours now its really annoying, if anyone could help me it would be great thanks.

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Does the drive work when a disc is inserted?

No need to uninstal from the device manager more than once.

As geno888 already stated, its normal for a burner to show up as a CD-rom.

Try this quick fix Link: You will need to unistall any third party software (example: Roxio, Nero, or iTunes) from your computer before doing this fix. After you reboot, you can reinstall your software and try again to see if this fixes your issue.