My OPINION on BenQ Firmware Updates:

First, let me state that my BenQ DW1620 has been the BEST 16X drive I have purchased to date. I also had a DW822A 8X drive and loved this burner also. Now for some facts !!!

  1. BenQ really does provide many firmware updates for their DW1620 drive (B7x9). But on the other hand they neglect the EW162I (47x9) which is a DW1620 in a USB case with special firmware. The latest firmware for the EW162I is 47N9 (dated 11/04) and doesn’t support Nero Quality Test correctly. This was reported to BenQ months ago by the author of Nero Speed and still no action from BenQ. I guess they are just giving up on support for their external.

  2. The BenQ DW822A was promised to be updated to DL support and they did deliver the firmware on 01/05. But the EW822U, which is a DW822A in a USB case with special firmware, as per BenQ was never promised to be a DL drive and no firmware is coming (WTF).

To sum up, the DW1640 is available now. There has been three (3) firmware updates so far. My best guess is that except maybe for the DW1620 (internal) all firmware development for their externals has stopped. It also appears that the new Plextor 740 is a rebadged 1640. I hope Plextor will use their own modified firmware on this drive but only time will tell…

three fw updates in only a few weeks (1640). Their engineers are sure working hard. looks promising.

Not in the US. But I will have one soon.

Maybe now plextor can come out with a quality drive.

Hi zevia,
The point I was trying to make, is that Benq appears to spend all their resources on INTERNAL drives. It seems that they just ignore they external products after a few months…

The drives are the same, just need to find a compatible enclosure. Maybe they found that external drive market does not looks promising compare to internal. maybe…

Hi again,
The internal only support 21MB/s in an enclosure. You can’t do 16X. The external firmware supports 24MB/s and does support 16x.

I think this depends on the enclosure not the drive.

Hi Quikee,
It’s my understanding the EW162I firmware supports UDMA-3. The DW1620 firmware supports UDMA-2.

Tested on many different bridgeboard chipsets:
B7x9 yields 21 MB/s.
47x9 yields 24 MB/s.

The firmware used does make a difference…

I have done 16 speed in an USB enclosure using a Pioneer 108 drive … I dunno what all this fuss is about?

Agree Quikee/rugger, Plextor PX-716UF (external Usb/Firewire) supports 16x and… the same fw with 716A (internal).

The Pioneer drives are DMA-66 (not DMA-33), therefore they run at UDMA-4.

This thread was started to state an OPINION on the lack of firmware support for BenQ External Drives. Thats what all the fuss is about…

You are 100% correct. The Plextor is a DMA-66 device (UDMA-4 mode). I am waiting for one to be delivered.

P.S. I have tested a 716A in the case I use for the BenQ and it will reach 16X with no problem. The BenQ will not unless I use the external firmware.

beach-hobo: I agree with you… this isn’t a nice thing to do. Have you bugged BenQ for releasing a firmware update?

Thanks Quikee,
Yes, I have Emailed BenQ many many times. I had to address these issues on the Global Site since there External units are not marketed in the USA except for the gray market. They take the information in say thank you and that end its.

BenQ Tech Support USA will not address an External unit issue.

Erik the author of Nero speed requested a fit to the 47N9 firmware and it’s never been done.

I hope BENQ reads this thread to realize that they should support all their products not just the internal ones…

So is the moral of the story is if you want an external burner get an NEC?

LOL, we didn’t even mention NEC here.

Actually NEC has its own set of problems, only working at 16X in an external enclosure when you use the Prolific chipset.

Meh, use the Pioneer 108/109 in an external case if you must. Works great here in an ALi based external bay


We are really getting off track…
This Thread was started to discuss the support or lack there of…



I’m on your side with this one. I have two 800a’s that are less then a year old that I use in external enclosures and would love to see the EW822U firmware maintained for use with them. The 800a firmware has not been updated in almost a year and I doubt we will see much more for the 822a either. Heck, NEC put out an update for the 1300 arround the end of last year and its a 4X drive. Benq does seem to support its newest drive very well, but that support seems to dry up way before the products end of life.