My onboard NIC died

I have no idea how it happened, but today when I turned on my computer I noticed Miranda didn’t log on to ICQ. Strange I thought and reconnected, only to see miranda instantly set status to Offline.
Ah, I thought, I have deactivated my network (I do that since I’m a little paranoid at times ;)) so I clicked start, settings and network, and it said “Empty.”
Now I was getting a little worried, so I looked around the back and saw that the light was off. I pulled it out, reconnected it and fiddled a little with it but no result. So I looked at my router (in my closet) and it did not have any light either.

Windows does not find my NIC, Realtek (my NIC is a Realtek 8010B chip) setup does not find my NIC, my NIC is gone.
Not that I care all that much, I have alot of spare network-cards (and spare PCI-slots :)) but I don’t like things dying on me…
I might reinstall Windows to see if that can solve the problem but I greatly doubt it.

I’m now thinking (as my replacement PCI-NIC isn’t all that great) of buying a Gigabit-card as my friends have GB-cards (we LAN often).
I’ve found a card at a good price, it’s a D-Link DGE-510T, anybody have any knowledge or experience with this card?

I will be away until monday so when I get back I want to see many replies :slight_smile:

Theirs a roundup of Gigabit network adapters on the 32-bit PCI bus below.

Apparently their are a few chips which are very common throughout the various brands. So if you know what chip the D-Link uses you can compare it against any of the cards which use the same chip below.

Gigabit Lan adaptors roundup

Holy crap! Half of those network cards have heatsinks on them!

I would go for the Intel. You know it’s high quality, with good support and stable drivers for every major OS. And based on the link rocky provided, it’s also the NIC with the best overall performance. In addition, it’s one of the Gigabit cards that’s been around longer (more bugs worked out), does not require a heatsink, and is a single chip solution (cheaper).

I have onboard Intel PRO/1000 MT, and it is very fast and never had any problems. Admittedly, I’ve never tested the Gigabit functionality, but it came for free.

You sure you didn’t just turn it off in the BIOS by accident or something?

Hello chaps, I’m back on my onboard NIC again. I am stumped on why it works again, but I suspect it has something to do with power, since my computer has been without electricity for four days…

Thanks for the suggestions on GB cards anyway, I do want one of those. Sadly enough I can’t use a faulty onboard nic as an argument to get a new card now but I’m sure I can work something out :wink: