My old software fails under Win7 64-bit... now what?

After years of happy use of Nero 6.6 under XP, built a new computer and had to upgrade to Windows 7. I chose 64-bit Win7 but now Nero 6.6 won’t work.

I’ve read (in CDFreaks) that Nero 7.0 had many bugs throughout its life, and thus am hesitant to invest in Nero 9.

I tried to burn .mp3’s on CD-RW blanks using Win7’s built-in burning capabilities, but it got stuck formating forever. I’ve got two drives, one Sony DVD-RW and one Samsung Blu-Ray… same problem on both drives. Maybe it’s because they were only 4x disks, but they worked fine with Nero 6.6 and I’ve got several dozen of them.

By the way, these disks work fine on my Lenovo desktop at work. My Gateway laptop happily presents me with a disk that is unreadable by anything.

QUESTION 1: Is there a way to tell Windows7 to burn at a slower speed?

I primarily used only four features of Nero:

  1. burning MP3’s onto CD-R and CD-RW,
  2. burning files onto DVD’s for backup,
  3. creating slide shows with audio, and
  4. evaluating the quality of a burned disk.

QUESTION 2: Since I only used a fraction of the features of Nero, is there freeware that will do these things for me? I do miss the ability to verify the disk, so that’s a pretty important feature for me.




you want ImgBurn :slight_smile:
The only thing missing is the slide show thingy.

Nero 6.6 works only with Windows up to XP. For Windows 7 compatibility, you need Nero 9.