My old Pioneer A10XL and LiteOn LH-20A1H Scans

I using same media, same file, burning with A10XL and LH-20A1H, but the result is different from others members who post scan result, A10XL is much better than my new LH-20A1H, how to solve it?? :bow:

Is it relate to firmware or media problems??


Looking at those burns I would like to have seen what the last 1GB would have looked like. I’d say the A10XL was about to loose the plot and create a coaster, whereas the LiteOn was getting better towards the end. Even though the A10XL PIF result was better up to the 3.2GB point, I’d say the result would have been much different by the time it reach the end.

CMC MAG. is so variable. It’s sold to different sellers in all grades from A+ (brilliant) to F- (horrible). This looks like a case of a poor batch of CMC MAG, and two different write strategies. :wink:

If that’s the correct media code, just CMC MAG, then it’s 2x media. Both drives are probably just using their default write strategy with 2x media so results will probably vary a fair amount with such old media in modern burners. Probably not a very good way to judge the quality of either the media or the drives.

Good point. The 20A1H would have used OHT for unknown media and this is probably why it has the more consistant burn quality from beginning to end.

Thank you for the advice

The correct media code is CMC MAG AM3, it is TDK 16X DVD-R, both are burn with 8X speed.

I still cannot find a better media for my new LH-20A1H, any suggestion?? or wait for a new ver. firmware??

Odd that it doesn’t list the full media code, it lists AM3 for me. I’ve used AM3 from a few brands and it’s usually decent media, none of my batches burn so mediocre as your discs, but they do vary (I usually burn at 8x, sometimes 12x). TDK as a brand has become quite disappointing with their 16x media, they use a lot of CMC M01 and AM3 and both can be decent under a good brand, but their batches are possibly the worst I’ve seen for those media codes. I would burn a few more in your Liteon at 8x and turn on HyperTungin and Online HyperTuning in addition to Smartburn and hopefully the burns improve as the drive learns the media (though don’t expect drastic improvements). To your question on better media, Verbatim is always a good place to start, either their +R or -R would be fine. They have had some (mostly mild) consistency issues and they outsource their production to three other manufacturers, but they are almost always good to excellent discs.

Thanks, I will try Verbatim, Thank you very much

I try Verbatim 16X DVD-R MIJ(TYG03), The result is much better than before, Thanks everyone who help me.