My old philips drive plays dead after a firmware upgrade..?

i have an old cdd4201 and it plays dead after a firmware update . i updated it to 1.5C. what happens is, i update it with the latest flashtool and it says everything is completed. it also says that i need to shut down the PC to cycle power to the drive. so i shut down for about 2 minutes. the cd drive is not powering on. it only comes back on if i leave the PC unplugged from the wall outlet for 2-3 hours. i guess thats when all the power from the capacitors are drained or something.

is there a better way to do this.? i plan on testing these firmware updates i found, with older versions as well to see which ones work best on my system. i dont want to have to power off for 3 hours just to test them out.

i read at the BTC forums about a similar problem and that you need to have a spare cd drive and hook it up to your PC, then while your PC is still on, swap power cables and IDE cables. and the dead drive should awaken. do you think this will work on my philips.
thanx for any feedback.

ok, after 3 hour unplugged. it boots and freezes in windows.

is there a way to reset the drive to its default firmware.? how about a DOS flashtool? or maybe flashing in safemode? will that help?

thanks for any help.