My old 3500 burner can still compete

My old 3500 burner can still compete with new burners :slight_smile: I’m very satisfied with this burn. Jitter is a bit high, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

Drive: NEC ND-3500AG
Firmware: 2.28 Q V2 MR Standard
Recording Speed: 8x
Media: Plextor DVD-R 8x, TYG02 (batch 98)

Disc Quality scan with: BenQ DW1640 BSLB

Wow, your PIF totals look stunning to me, I’m getting 10 or 20 times that using 2.TG. Hmm, should I go back to 2.28? My TY02’s are marked with GG000110 and 0715, could that explain this huge diffrence?

I tried every possibility on my 3500 and TYG02. The best firmware I ever found was 2.18 with Liggy’s bitsetting.

Thx for the tip chas0039, just did a data disc and got the PIF total down to 94, a little uneven on the PIE but I’ll give it a few runs! :wink:

NEC 3500 still is among the best burner around. I am using Liggy/Dee 2.TG f/w and works great.

Another great burn with my 3500. Is this still the best NEC drive? Haven’t tried the new ones.

I gave up on TYG02 for just those reasons. I use YUDEN000 T02 for my main media. Try it next time and you will never go back.

A good source is, sold as Burnmaster.

I haven’t tried burning as many media on my NEC 4551 as I have on my NEC 3500, but so far it has at least as good or better quality with the media I have tried.

Here are my media experiences with the NEC 4551 compared to the 3500:

[li]Plextor 16x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03)[/li]Much better with the NEC 4551
[li]Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC 004) Made by CMC[/li]Significantly better with the NEC 4551
[li]Verbatim 16x DVD-R (TYG03) Made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden[/li]A little better with the NEC 4551
[li]Verbatim 16x DVD-R (MCC 03RG20) Made by CMC[/li]Just as good with the NEC 4551
[li]Verbatim 8x DVD-R (TYG02) Made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden[/li]Just as good with the NEC 4551
[li]Verbatim DataLifePlus Crystal Super AZO CD-R 52x (MCC type 3) Made in China[/li]Just as good with the NEC 4551
[li]Verbatim Extra Protection CD-R 52x 700MB (Moser Baer type 6) Made in India[/li]Significantly better with the NEC 4551
[/ul]So I am happy with the NEC 4551 as a burner, but at least my drive is a horrible scanner for DVD media (but good for CD media).

DrageMester, Any chance you have a Liteon scan of those YUDEN000 T03s? Or even better, the +R 8X?

You can find some LiteOn and Plextor scans of the T03 starting here.

I haven’t burned any YUDEN000 T02 in this drive yet.

Thanks for the link to your scans. I really appreciate finding these as the T03 looks just average compared to the T02 I have and is not even near what I get with MCC 004. Looks like I will avoid the T03. Maybe it looks better at 8X.

Yes the T03 that I and some others have seem pretty average.

There are a couple of things I will say in it’s defense though:

I never get coasters when burning T03 at 16x, and I got several coasters when burning T02 at 12x and 16x in my Plextor PX-712A and NEC ND-3500AG drives. In fact 16x seems to be the best speed for this media in my NEC 4551 and LiteOn 1635 drives!

I have seen some burns/scans of T03 made on BenQ 1650 or 1655 (don’t remember which) and also on a LiteOn drive that were much better than mine, so it could be that other batches are as good as T02.