My (not good) BTC 1004 Experience

First of all sorry for english but im italian.

I have:
Latest firmware 0047

Primary Master: HD1
Primary Slave: HD2

Secondary Master: CD Burner
Secondaty Slave: LG CDROM 52x

When i bought BTC, i remove my old CD Burner and put BTC 1004 in Secondary Master.
(i setup the back pin in master mode)

When XP starts:

  • BTC isnt recognize (HD with a red ‘?’)
    so, i swap the cable (swap CD at end of cable with BTC at middle of cable).
    In this way BTC (again Secondary Master) is ok.
    When i try to read some CD/DVD only 1% are well read.
    Other times, bts thinks that cd are empty.

So, i power down CDRom LG (removing the hardware).
In this way BTC starts to read everything well.

So I try to burn a Magnex -RW 1x
It write well…so i try to do a fast erase and it’s ok.

Then i burn PRINCO DVD-R 4x
The burning process is ok.
But the BTC read badly this DVD, and other 2 DVD reader of my friends cant read this DVD.

Finally im not happy,
i remove the DVD from my PC, and as i can i’ll change BTC with another brand.

In last try, someone have some suggestions?

Hi Matteo,

I’ve had the same unhappy expirience with this writer.

My video editing, wich been working fine for 10 months, was completely unstable after installing the BTC.

Further more, writing discs resulted in discs that couldn’t been read by the stand alone players and in some cases, even the BTC (!!!) couldn’t read them.

After spending a day testing with my reseller, we’ve changed the BTC for a LiteOn LDW-451S, and…

Al problems were solved immediatly, read thread from Lt. Coolhand.

So, my advice, change this thing ‘As Soon As Possible’ for a NEC, LiteOn, … Read buy a writer from A-brand manufactere instead of this unknown brand.

Good Luck Mateo

Lt. Coolhand
Antwerp, Belgium

thanks for answer,
i’ll do it as soon as possible!!!


Originally posted by matteopiccioni
[B]thanks for answer,
i’ll do it as soon as possible!!!

hi [/B]

BTW. take care to read also the Lite-On Threads.
Although i have currently not faced any problems with it, you should see - nothing is perfect :bigsmile:
But maybe better :slight_smile: