My nice big juicy memory problem



While playing counter strike i get this nasty error box:

“Instruction at “0x24178c2b” referenced memory at “0x00e72ed0”. The memory could not be “read”. Click ok to terminate the program”

Whats wrong please?


does it only happen on counter-strike? i suggest updating to the lastest video card drivers, and latest counter-strike. if that doesn’t work, reinstall it, and if its still buggering up, get a memory testing tool to see if theres anything wrong with it.


From the way that msg is written was it a msg box or a blue screen? Also this sounds like something wasnt loaded into the RAM right. You could try checking your steam files. Update your gfx drivers like crustyteacup sed. If all eles fails, run MemTest86 to make your RAM is all ok.



I have run mem test over night, it never says it finds anything, but usually locks. The computer it self is majorly wrong. It resets often, locks, and blue screens of deaths. The error there was in a window.


How long has the copy of windows been on the pc for? Like how long ago did you last reload it?



My advice it to stick the memory in a different machine and run the test from there. If the memory test program locks up in your current machine, then chances are it “IS” faulty.

Some PC tech departments will test your existing memory free of charge if you indent to buy a replacement if it turns out to be faulty, so phone around your local stores.


It had this problem before format too, a few months ago i formetted it.


Have you tried your ram in a different slot ?

How much ram do you have 1 x 512 , 2 x 256 ?

If it’s 2 x 256 then try them seperately.


Firstly, do you overclock? If so, return settings to stock.

Secondly, if you have more than 1 stick of memory, remove all but 1 stick and run Windows memtest to see if you get any errors. If errors appear quickly using stock settings then you either have a faulty memory stick or a faulty DIMM slot (so remember to try a different slot to see if the errors disappear). Repeat the process with each memory stick.

Finally, if you don’t get errors with individual sticks, put them all back in and test again. Using this method, you should be able to find the cause of the problem - either a bad stick or a damaged slot. :slight_smile: