My next drive will be...(you tell me)

I’ve been using a MSI DVD+/-RW drive for about 3-4 years now but its now on its death bed. The problems are cropping up hard and fast and so i thought it was time to get a new one. A pity because at the time it bought it was probably the best model on the market bar none.

So…who do I turn to next? Sony (the DRM watchdog), Liteon (unknown), LG (usually synonymous with poor quality but perhaps getting better) - the list goes on.

Which is the best DL DVD+/-RW on the market 2day?

Well I have a benq 1640 that has never let me down…but their a little hard to come by these days…

But i hear that the BENQ 1650, and 1655 are even better…still not that easy to obtain, but there’s still a few rebadges out there.
If your looking for 18x…I read a lot of good about the BENQ 1800, and i think that all of these drives have rebadges if you cant find them retail as benq drives


Strongly suggest looking into the LiteOn drives - like the 160P6s or the 165P6s as good reliable and proven drives that can be gotten for $40 shipped from good vendors like

Take a look at the LiteOn sub forum in the Optical Drives main forum-eh!

Pioneer 111D or Lite-On 165 will not let you down.

Just got my 2nd 165H6S from Lite-On and both work awesome. Good value for the dough too. I have been lucky - not any problems that I can discern, so I guess I’d say GO FOR IT! :slight_smile:

LG = not poor quality, I’m loving my latest external LG. :wink:

I’m with the others though, the LiteOn drives are great.