My next drive: LiteOn 1673 or LG 4163?




I had LiteOn 1633@1653 drive for three months burning DVDs without any problem. Last weekend I tried to burn my first audio CD with Nero at 48x and I got that lead-out hanging problem. After restarting PC, CD reading/burning part of 1633 went dead. So, 1633 went back to Walmart.

Now the same Walmart has LG 4163 burner for $89, and CircuitCity has LiteOn 1673 burner for $89 this week.

Question is, does LiteOn 1673 has the same lead-out problem with CDs as 1633/1653?
Or, should I buy LG instead?

Thanks in advance.


I got the 1673 last week and I’ve burned about 10 CD’s and a few DVD’s without any problems. I also have an older LG 4082B, which has met all expectations. It’s a question of what you’re in to. I got the LG for DVD-RAM which probably doesn’t appeal to many, but the 4163 generally cranks out the fastest DVD burns out of all of the drives on the market. I got the Liteon because of Kprobe and I wanted a dual layer drive. I will get another LG at the end of the year when the -RAM speeds are higher. You should be able to get both drives for $70 or less with shipping (yes, Detroit included). If you’ve got the cash, I recommend getting both! :slight_smile:


Thanks for reply jaydee91.

I just ordered LG for $70 from



The LG-GSA-4163B Is A Nice Drive.
I Think You Made A Good Choice.