My newly flashed 48125s spins down at 50% during burning



I just successfully (so I thought) flashed my 40125s to a 48125s and it worked successfully. The I tested out my speed and it maxed out right around 46x, so I am happy. However, when I burn a cd in either Nero or MusicMatch Jukebox, the cd drive spins down at 50%, every single time. The cd continues to burn, but at a lower speed. With my 40x, I could burn cds in under 3 minutes, but now with 48x, it burns slower?!. Is there anything I should do besides reverting back to the original bios?


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Your discs do not tolerate 48x and Smartburn kicks in. Buy better discs and burn your remaining discs at 40x :slight_smile:

Could you post the ATIP of the discs for us?


I have tried with both smart enabled, and disabled, but the same thing occurs. It says its burning at 48x, but at around 50%, the cd spins down and the burning slows down. When I run cdspeed, it tests fine with my Memorex 48x multispeed cds, and when i simulate the burn, it does not spin down at all. Only when I actually burn a disk does it do that.

You think its the media?

What media do you suggest I try?


Here is the info I think you requested about my media:

(if that is what you meant about providing ATIP)

Manufacturer : CMC Magnetics
Code : 97m26s66f
Disc Type : CD-R
Usage : General
Recording Layer : Dye Type 6: Short Strategy (Phthalocyanine)
Recording Speed : n/a
Capacity : 79:59.71
703 MB
Additional Capacity : n/a
Overburn Capacity : not tested


Just to give a rundown on my unfortunate upgrading process.

My drive was an original 40125s with the zsoj firmware.
I used ltnflash and successfully flashed to the 48125s 1s05 firmware. I then flashed to vs0b, but niether one would burn a cd without spinning down halfway through at 48x. At 40x, the cds spun down at 75% of the way through.

I flashed back to 40125s, this time to the latest firmware for that model and the cds burn without spinning down. Basically it took me 3:40 with the 48x firmware and only 2:59 with the 40x firmware.

I have tried TDK, generic and Memorex cds, all with the same results. I have also tried enabling, and disabled smart burn, but all with the same results.

Could I have done something wrong?


Anyone else have any ideas why I can’t burn at 48x from beginning to end?

If it was the media not being able to, wouldnt it just burn at the highest speed possible from beginning to end? Ive used older media that would only be rated up to 32x and that is all it would burn at, so when i burned something in Nero, 40x wasnt an option. With my drive flashed to a 48x, its nice and noisy spinning up to 50%, then it sounds like it totally stops spinning for the remainder and ends up taking about 2:30 to finish that last 50% when the first 50% took only 1:20 or so.

Ive tried generic 32x, Memorex 48x multi speed, Maxell 40x and kodac. None would burn straight through at 48x but would all burn straight through when my cd is flashed back to a 40x.


it’s probably the media. simulating a burn isn’t always the same as the real thing.


You can’t turn off the SmartBurn running laser calibration and speed control. When you uncheck SmartBurn in Nero, you are only turning off the initial speed limitations. Trust me, the drive is saving you from a coaster. Your media is just not up to high-speed burning. It may also be that your drive is unable to calibrate the laser properly for the higher speeds, O/cing 40x drives is not always successful in that regard. but you are not using decent high-speed media, so you can’t tell which it is. Suggest you review the SmartBurn functions and how they work.

From LiteOn:

Users always want to successfully burn a disc with a higher speed in CD-RW drive. You may know, there are so many brands of CD-R / CD-RW media in the market with irregular quality & still being cost down in the price war.

LITE-ON IT try hard to collect various kinds of media to come out the dedicated optimized writing strategy parameters plus the outstanding running Optimum Power Calibration ( OPC ) function to provide you the best burning quality.

If your CD-R / CD-RW media quality is really poor enough or working environment is too hot to induce the Laser Power over margin, the CD-RW drive detected, the burning speed will be forced to decrease to get more reliable Laser working power to secure the life of CD-RW drive & burning quality.

The buffer under run error is also no longer happened to your drive anymore, SMART-BURN also can allow drive to be suspended during writing, than continue to burn from last point when enough data get in the buffer.

SMART-BURN features :

Buffer Under Run Error Free
Running Optimum Power Calibration
Automatic Writing Strategy & Burning Parameters
Automatically decrease burning speed when Laser power over margin due to poor media quality or high temperature