My newest not that kind

I’ve been working with a friend and talking to them for over a year about this adventure…so its offical …I’ve put up the $$ for it…and its here and set up now i’m trying to work the bugs out of the system…hopefully…within a year i’ll make my money back…
so guys give this a look and tell me what you think…

I know its not typical blondness …but i do see a market for it around my area…and check out the specs page…

soooo now ya know…

I cant checkout the specs, that page and products do not work.
But I assume thats because it isnt finished.
And I admit this was the last thing I associated with the SS I know. It’s awesome. Way to go girl! :slight_smile:
Now where’s that smilie again…

Wow! Very impressive! :clap::clap:

:a probably I need to uninstall and reinstall again my firewall… I can’t load the page at all

I foresee no problems for customer bonding :wink:

So now we can charge you advertising rates too? :wink:

I sincerely hope it works out…life is all about taking risks (easier said than done!), you cannot win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket…

Looks cool :slight_smile:

I knew you weren’t really a blonde :wink:

geno heres what it looks like…

heres the machince specs

That would be great to have.

Thanks for the pic :flower:

It is really interesting. Probably the only limitation in its use is the fantasy of the artist.

Congrats for your new adventure :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Yo S_S-

I used to have these in my metal fab shop when I was with Corporate America-

They are fantastic - and very fast and accurate-

Are you going to use them or sell them-eh?

me and a friend Matt bought one…:slight_smile: hes a tool and die guy…(no just a friend) and after he showed me the dvd of the plasma cam…i was like ohhh i want that…we have talked almost a year about getting one…so finally i said…ok you have the shop space …and i’ve got some money…lets do this…we finally go it in (over 15,000 later) and set up…now i’ve got all the computer bugs worked out…but hes still having a few problems with the plasma cutter…
i’m glad i had a elective in college in the machine shop so i’m not totally unknowing about how tolerances and such…now i’ve got to work on Aut CAD some more and get a better feel for it…
i see this as a big profit maker …all these people around here…even my banker said…make a product that women will buy and you will go far…so…heres to hoping!

Hi :slight_smile:
Good luck S_S. :flower: :cool:

Do you already have some examples or prototypes? I’m interested to see what designs you have come up with.

That contraption looks fantastic! :eek: :clap:

I’m sure you’ll create some amazing stuff with it to satisfy both yourselves and your customers.

Good luck, S_S, and all my best wishes too. :flower:

It looks like a pretty promising buisness venture. I have been quite suprized what people will buy and or how much they will pay (at my work) for decorative stuff. Good luck with it.

This is a completely awesome idea S_S! I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you invested the cash because i think you’re right…this will eventually pay off for you. Good luck S_S!!!

s,s maybe you could design a new tower case or some flashy side panels just a thought of course :o

actually that would be a great idea…maybe add some vents to keep the processer cooler …
the software that came with the machine had plans for a computer desk to mount to the machine…
i’m just waiting on Matt to get the plasma cutter working he had to do some re-wiring to keep the safety from continually going off…per the plasma cam video…its just not piercing the metal…like i said i do the computer stuff he messes with the electric stuff…