My new wheels


My present car is a PCH car (Personal Contract Hire).
I try to change my car every 3 years, and I stopped buying a car simply because they depreciate in value at an insane rate. Example, my present car a Vauxhall Astra 1.6 Excite, if I had purchase it, would have cost me at the time £17,000. 3 years later it would have been worth £6400.

The PCH option I use is a fixed monthly rate for 36 months, after that I simply hand the car back, and walk away, or arrange a new car for the next 36 months. The package also includes all maintenance and servicing costs, road fund licence. I only have to put petrol in the car and have fully comprehensive insurance, and I also have optional gap insurance, just in case the car is an insurance write off during the rental period.

So, I’ve looking for a new car, and what struck me is how large family cars are becoming, and how powerful the small turbo charged engines are.

Because we have a lot of American readers here on the forum, I should explain that what is classed as ‘family’ sized car in the UK and Europe, would be classed as a ‘compact’ in the USA.

After a lot of research, I have decided on the brand new Honda Civic 1.5 VTEC Turbo Sport. UK specs are totally different to USA and other country’s where the ‘Sport’ is a ‘basic’ model.
Here in the UK, the ‘Sport’ trim is very well specified, with all the Honda ‘sensing’ safety features, and all the nice technology ‘toys’. Such as full LED lights, brilliant TFT instrument cluster, 7 inch infotainment system with Apply Car play and Android auto.

Anyway, here is what the car will look like when it’s delivered sometime over the next 6 to 8 weeks.



The Honda Civic is a very nice looking car and, my favorite color is Blue, so this one really looks sharp.
Sounds like the (Personal Contract Hire). is like leasing here in the states, which works out real good for some people.
Based mostly on mileage per year for pricing so not so good for others.


It certainly sounds like PCH and leasing is pretty much the same.
I agree, PCH is not for someone who does a high mileage.
My existing car has done 16,500 miles over the 3 years, my allowance for the 3 years was 18,000 miles. This time I have gone for 24,000 miles over the 3 years, to give me a little more headroom.

The penalty for going over your ‘agreed’ contract mileage is heavy, costing an extra 2.3p per mile. So anyone considering PCH should indeed make sure that the agreed contract mileage is high enough to cover their needs.

I should have said in my first post that its the ‘hatchback’ version I have gone for.


I bought my first New car back in 2014 A Kia Soul hatchback
Always bought used cars before this one.
I generally put on about 14,000 a year so leasing did not work for me, they generally go about 12,000 a year tops and anything over that is real expensive on the leasing part.


Stick shift or automatic? Here in the US, I think we’re down to about 8% of new cars with manual transmissions, and many of those are in sports cars or trucks.

Nice looking car by the way. There was a discussion on the Toyota truck forum I used to frequent, where an independent mechanic was talking about the durability of the Toyota trucks and agreeing with us for the most part. He said Toyotas were very seldom in his shop for anything major, but Honda? Those just never seemed to break down. A new one with shop maintenance built into the contract will be great for you.


You cannot go wrong with a Honda, I bought my son a Honda when he went away to college, that was in 2011, and its still running great today.


6 speed manual transmission (stick shift).
I’ve been driving 23 years with manual transmissions, and I’m not sure I could get used to an automatic. Plus, manual transmissions are so much more fun. :slight_smile:

We live in a rural area, with some great roads which are great fun to drive on, without going insanely fast. I hardly ever drive in the city, as cars are simply not welcome there.
I guess if we did live in the city, an automatic transmission would make more sense.


Here in the USA, you have to order a stick shift, all Hondas come equipped with automatic tranny


Nice looking car Wendy, and the fact that it has a manual transition is an extra bonus for those of us that like to change gears the hard way.
As far as I know here in Greece we dont have a turbo version of Civic, only the diesel 1.6 engine :rage:, so I am guessing that horsepower would be close to 200 :wink:

Enjoy your new car.


It looks like the 10th gen Civic hasn’t been launched in Greece yet.
The 10th gen Civic sedan is made in Canada, and the Hatchback is made in Swindon UK and then exported around the world. The 10th gen diesel isn’t available until later in the year. The hot Type R is due to launch in the next month.
The power output from the engine varies around the world depending on the grade of petrol that is widely available. In the USA which uses mostly 91RON petrol is 174BHP. In the Europe petrol is 95RON so 182BPH. Measured at the wheel, rather than the cheaters who quote the power output from the crankshaft.
In the Europe there is also a 3 cylinder 1 litre petrol engine which produces 127BHP.

The specs for the 1.5 turbo are.
240Nm of torque
0 to 60 MPH = 6.7 seconds
Max speed is electronically limited to 137MPH (220KPH).


Then I hope we don’t have to worry about you breaking it :bigsmile: or do we ? :bigsmile:


No need to worry, I wouldn’t know how anyway, and that speed would carry jail time if caught.
But, It’s just insane that such a small engine, in what is a fairly large car can produce so much power.


I am almost 100% sure that once we have the 10th gen Civic we would have mainly the 1L engine, mainly for reasons that have to do with taxes, but both engines looks powerful enough for a small family car.

0-100 in less than 7 seconds, that is very impressive.


With new cars more plastic and aluminum than steel the lighter weight only needs a smaller engine to get it moving.
I noticed on my Soul how quick it can be for such a small car.


It’s been a while since I posted in this thread. The reason being I haven’t anything new to write about.

Today however, I received an email from the dealer to tell me that a nice shiny new car had just arrived at the dealers from the factory, and I’ll pick up the new car on Saturday. :slight_smile:


Great news Dee

Hope you really enjoy your new car


I got my new car yesterday, and its rained non stop since I got it. So I haven’t yet taken any pics. I’ll do so later if anyone wants to see them.

I have had it out on the road for drive, and obviously had to drive it some 16 miles from the Honda dealer to my home. That was done in a torrential downpour. It was a bit daunting driving a car I had never driven before in such conditions, but after a few miles, I felt quite confident in the car.

Initial impressions.
It’s a big car compared to what I’m use to, but doesn’t feel big to drive.
It’s very quiet and comfortable, it has impeccable handling, the steering is very precise and nicely weighted.
The instruments and controls are a delight to use, and its very well equipped. I’ve already got my Spotify and Amazon Prime music apps working via Android Auto. :slight_smile:
You also get access to your Google gallery, so can view pictures and videos from my phone via the cars infotainment screen, but only do this when the car is off, or parked with the handbrake on, for obvious safety reasons.

The car is quick. I gave it a quick burst to see what it could do, and acceleration is awesome, and pulling very strongly, even from low revs.

Looks wise. It’s either going to be a car you love or hate. My daughter thinks the car looks ‘angry’ from the front. :slight_smile:

Now I just hope for some dry weather, so I can give it a go on some nice twisty country roads. :slight_smile:


Sounds Great Dee and that sums it up quite nicely
Yes want to see pictures when time and weather permits :iagree:



How’s that new car coming along. Have you ran it thru it’s paces yet?


The car is cracking to drive. The weather hasn’t been great, we’ve had a few nice days with sunshine and warmth, but its mostly been raining.

The car comes alive on twisty roads, It corners as if on rails, and always feels stable. I’ve still only done 544 miles. so I still haven’t really given it the beans. It pushes you back into the seat if I accelerate hard, and its a real fun car to drive.

Fuel consumption is very good, and so far the average is 42.8 MPG. Its also a car that turns heads, for good or bad reasons. I had one couple come up to me while I had the car parked when shopping, and they wanted to have a close look inside the car. The guy seemed quite impressed with the car.

I’ve still to take some photos. Its either been raining, or when sunny the car has been dirty. :slight_smile:
I’ll get around to it.

Here is one flat out on the Autobahn