My new system is having CD problems - can't rip, etc

I built a new system. I put a NEC ND-3550 on the system. Using windows media player, it could not rip a CD that rips fine on my other system. It gets alot of errors and the quality is poor. It is also very slow. I then put a BenQ DW1655 on the system. same problem. I called BenQ tech support - no help. Any help would be appriciated. DVD reading is also poor. Burnig CD’s and DVD’s is slow and the probablity of getting a good copy is low.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Some titles are really hard to backup. What is the disc?

Nine inch nails. This disk works fine on my other system - so it’s not the disk.

I’m not sure that can be related with your problem, but check if DMA is enabled

could try updating your firmware