My new site



hello everybody !

I’ve made a new site with lots of 3D rendered pics and I would like you to go there en tell me what you think about it !
The site is non profit so don’t think I’m trying to get money out of this !
the url is

thx if you’ve visited it !please say what you think about it !



Its a decent site, nice graphics, i like it.


WebMaster of ShadowKasters NY


It’s a decent site,

althow you misspelled the word cotact [contact] you prob now this …

and why not make the site with frames??
even if the site is commin up fast.

good work…


<BODY bgColor=#607ab9 background=""><FONT face=Haettenschweiler color=#000080
size=4>KooL Sites to you both… Necrom & UpTownChris! Yeah baby

Le Fugitive of Le EviL iDDioTz ® 2ooo

Time is Everything!


Le Fugitive of Le EviL iDDioTz ® 2ooo

Time is Everything!

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I like it, keep up the good work !!!


lefugutive double postings are not nice

(but yes i know, you couldnt delete the second one )

To all ppl, only press ONCE if its slow its slow, but it works so dont press twice or more

hehe mattel

ow jeah the site forgot it, nice done, goes fast keep up expanding it

sites must grow always get bigger have more info on it, enlarge.

nicely done

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Well I listened to your voice Redneck and i kicked out the double post…

and Yes you can delete it…




i cannot use my wheel on the mouse. The page starts to load the page, when i try to use it.

I didn’t experience this problem before, so i can not give you the answer.



sies, thought the delete option was turned of for users? edit possible but not DEL, only mod/admins, hmmm, changes take place so fast here i cant follow