My new PX-716SA drive

Well, I got my new replacement PX-716SA drive. It is a new TLA #0305 drive (made in March 2005 in China). I haven’t heard of anyone having a drive made in April 2005, so this stock is quite recent! No, this drive doesn’t have a different face plate–it is the same face plate that my two other drives had. There is one packaging difference, though. Plextor America has found a new way to cut corners. In the accessories box is where the difference is. There is no product manual! That’s right, the nice detailed manual found with my TLA #0203 and TLA #0304 drives is no longer included by Plextor America. Instead, you get a short quick install guide that you didn’t get before. So Plextor America has decided (I’m guessing) that the manual costs too much to print, so they instead include a quick install guide only. That’s just plain wrong! Oh well, it’s no big deal. It’s just the principal that annoys me. Anyway, I have not yet tested this drive. I need to update the firmware to 1.06 before testing the drive. I’ll post my results ASAP. I must say how happy I am with the Microcenter retail store for exchanging a drive that was almost 60 days old, despite their 30-day return policy! I have another 30-days on this new drive. Now, that is service!

congrats and… start burning… :slight_smile:

This first scan is interesting. It was not burned by the new drive! I am doing read tests. It was a Fuji 48X TY CD-R burned by my second now returned TLA #0304 drive–the one with questionable CD-R write quality. At the URL below is the scan of how my old drive read this media at 24X with Max C1 = 40, Avg = 4.6, Total C1 = 22081, No C2 or CU.

Now I’m going to pretend I’m drpino (who can compare scans of his discs on multiple Plextor drives–ha ha, that was a joke) and post a scan of the same disc on my new drive, to get a better indication of my old drive’s write quality. Attached below is the same disc read at 24X on my new TLA #0305 drive. Now I think everyone would agree that that scan is not good! It also shows the same fluctuation in read/scan ability that drpino indicated.

Not so good news: I had one more disc in that 3-pack of Verbatim DVD+R DL discs. The new drive coastered the remaining disc! Do I think the new drive is bad? Not likely! It must have been a bad box of discs, since both drives coastered discs at 6X from the same box! The first box I had with the previous drive didn’t produce satisfactory results on my first drive: 6X scans were not so good. So, even though I just returned a drive that may have been good, I am hopeful at this point that maybe this drive will be better.

how come u dont use -R disks instead of +R. u will most likely have a higher rather of success with -R besides they are far more compatible than +R

Get some TaiyoYuden discs

Was that joke dvd-r better than dvd + no way you can bitset DVD+R to DVD-Rom you cant do that with DVD-R ,all the best burner write DVD+r better my PX-716,PX716SA Benq dw1620A and Nec 3520a only thing i use DVD-R for is Data Backup.

LOL, don’t know who told you that but I think it’s time for some more research :wink: Most drives have a lot more problems burning to DVD-R than to DVD+R simply because DVD-R media has a lot of crappy manufacturers. Compatibility wise there isn’t much difference, especially when you use BitSetting for DVD+R, which most drives nowadays support.

I just bought a TLA #0305 at a local Best Buy store, but this is a PX-716A, not the SA model. It, too, was built in March, but all manuals are included in the box. Cost cutting only on the SA model? Seems a little odd. Maybe it was just an oversight when the box was packed.

I already have Taiyo Yuden +R and -R discs single layer discs. I buy only the highest quality media. My problem was with DVD+R DL (double layer), which Taiyo Yuden doesn’t make yet (as far as I know). Furthermore, DVD-R DL discs have not yet been released to consumers. The only good DVD+R DL media that is available is the Mitsubishi 2.4X DVD+R DL–The Verbatim DVD+R DL discs I used are the Mitsubishi discs (Verbatim is a Mitsubishi subsidiary).

I have some more thoughts on the coastering of the Verbatim DVD+R DL media when burned at 6X. Of the discs in the second 3-pack of the media, 2 were burned on the second drive (now returned), and 1 was burned on the new drive. All 3 were coasters, and all 3 were burned at 6X using DVD Decrypter. The first box of discs (burned only with my second drive) had one disc burned at 6X using Nero, one disc burned at 4X using Nero, and one disc burned at 4X using DVD Decrypter. So, the problem I experienced could have been bad media–it’s highly unlikely that both drives are bad. However, upon reanalysing the problem, I think the problem was that I burned the disc with DVD Decrypter. The only successful 6X burn I had was burned with Nero! Furthermore, the coastered discs did not fail to write during the burn process–DVD Decrypter locked up after the finalization stage. I know that there are probably many people out there who have made successful 6X burns using DVD Decrypter. But, I am a programmer, and I know, that it is very possible that the burning part of the DVD Decrypter program may be buggy and the problems may only affect certain hardware configurations. This is all speculation–but if I had to venture a guess, my guess would be that had I burned any of the discs in that last 3-pack using Nero (at 6X), they would not have been coasters. However, because this still could be a media problem, I’m going to ask Verbatim USA to replace the discs under warranty, so I can test discs from another batch and not spend more money.

Speaking of TY and -R, my new drive loves my TYG02 8X Fuji DVD-R discs (made in Japan by TY). As some may remember (that would be you crossg), my old drive had issues with this media, even when burned at speeds as low as 6X. So far, I’ve only burned one disc at the rated speed of 8X, but I’m finally seeing true Taiyo Yuden quality! Attached are the scans of my first DVD burn with the new drive. Now that is a quality burn!

@tlotz. Is that TYG02 the same batch as you had when you were having trouble? Reason I ask is I bought some unbranded TYG02 and the new stuff burns awsome at any speed, but it is a different batch # than the Fujifilm TYG02 I had when I was getting bad burns.

Yes, crossg, it is from the very same 10-pack. Much lower PIE and PIF than before. I will try a 12X burn with this media, since it seems quite stable. My old drive (the TLA #0304 second drive with the TYG02 media only) would sound a bit loud–the spin up noise would sound strange–with the new drive, it sounds normal and burns with much better results. Also, the old drive (second drive) would make a clicking noise right before ejecting any disc. In other words, before the tray actually opens, my old drive TLA #0304 drive would make a clicking noise. The new drive doesn’t make this noise.

Here are the results with the Verbatim 16X DVD+R (MCC004) included with the drive. This is was burned at 16X with PoweRec ON. PIE was about the same as the best results I saw with the last drive. However, the PIF seems to be best I’ve seen with this media. The PIF Max = 2, but that 2 is actually a single spike, which is what impressed me. The drive seems much more stable than my previous drive (primarily because of much better TYG02 results).

for video, yes -R is better than +. Besides thats set top dvd players are far more compatible with -R. My comments were based on this ground.

What is the consensus with -R TYG01 media burning video @ 4 x with the 716SA??. Id hate to interrupt the party but im only interested in this and since i nearly all threads here are talking about +R.

Ive done way over 200 -R TYG01 with Pioneer burners in the last week with absolutely ZERO issues with both burning an playback on a wide range of playa’z including 1st gen playstations and Xbox’s. I have an urgent need to move over to SATA for optical drives, hopefully someone here can provide some useful info for me.


Again, I ask you where you got this information from. I have yet to find a DVD player that couldn’t read DVD+R with booktype DVD-ROM but could read DVD-R media. Okay, maybe there are some standalones that can only read DVD-R but vice versa, then I’m sure there are also players that can only read DVD+R/DVD-ROM. The general opinion, I feel, on this forum and any other forum dealing with optical media is that DVD+R media is more stable than DVD-R media. It’s certainly my opinion, I only use DVD+R discs (mainly Yuden and Ricoh).

this info is personal experience man…no better source im afraid.

The most important issue here is the relaiability and compatibility of the Plextor 716SA drives of which im screening info from users. I regret mentioning the format now , i dont want this thread to derail into a +/- format war.

You’re right, everyone should use whichever format he/she prefers.

Back on topic, excellent scans tlotz :slight_smile:

Just a question: Do you mean “stable” in the sense of better long term data integrity or more stable in delivering more consistently good burn results?